1) So who’s buying? Male escorts make a killin’ at the RNC. Story here

2) Better than Flint? THC found in Colorado resident’s water. Residents warned not to bathe in it or drink it. Story here

    2a)  What is THC and where else can/has it be found?

3) Conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham does not so conservative gesture at RNC: Story here 

Laura Ingraham

4) Cincinnati Police Officer’s Facebook post asserting that police officers are looking for a reason to kill Afro American’s removed and is “under investigation.” Story here

Freddie Vincent Cincinnati Police Officer

5) Art of the Deal ghostwriter who gave up the ghost about Donald Trump sans novel, is threatened by Trump. Story here

       5a) (more on this story)

6) Less, not fact checking his wife Melania’s out-the gate first impression and public RNC speech, did Donald Trump’s New York Times Interview reveal a ‘dangerously lazy mind?’ Story here

7) Make American Great Again Make America Hate Again. See Chris Christie’s Anti-Hillary Rant on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.



8) Back in your good graces? Despite this horrible bomb dropped circulating all over social media about the NYPD’s meticulous, specific ways to discriminate:


…they ‘rushed to protect crowds at Times Square.’ Story here


9) Yet…ANOTHER North Carolina silly stipulation gets them bounced from the NBA All Star game: Commissioner Adam Silver pulls shin dig from the state this year due to bathroom law. Story here

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10) Praying Paying for forgiveness: Defunct Ray Rice will donate entire 2016 salary if NFL will sign him. Story here

11) Michigan best bet: Set to win college football’s national title. Story here 

12) Despites fines, WNBA players continue to protest. Story here 

13) Carmelo Anthony backs WNBA’s media blackout. Story here 

    13a) (more here)  

14) Charles Kinsey, North Miami Autistic caretaker, shot by police: hands raised, next to client. Story here

[youtube https://youtu.be/WiWgScoxrQo&w=310&h=157]

15) Bad aim: North Miami cop meant to shoot autistic man. Story here 

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[youtube https://youtu.be/qvQEv3fnqZQ&w=310&h=157]


16) “Black’s have violent tendencies” said Breaion King’s arresting officer.


[youtube https://youtu.be/Z3sMpfm59hc&w=310&h=157]

Story here

17) Valenzuela ‘Big-time Chinese drug lord’ shot dead by police. Story here

18) Roger Ailes, head of Fox news out pending sexual harassment claims. Story here

19) Craigslist warns: “Beware, do NOT give your dog to ‘them.’ ” Story here  

20) The reason men want to marry Melania’s and raise Ivankas. Story here

21) Forty Acres, No Mule: “Raparations” website asks that whites pay black people’s rent to relieve their guilt. Story here  

22) Drab Jeb: Jeb alone in the dark watching Trump speech? Story here

23) What do republicans really think of Trump? Story here

FACT CHECK TRUMP24) Would Trump pass a sanity test? Story here

25) Dem supporting director Michael Moore: ‘Trump is going to win.’ Story here

26) Trumps speech leaked to Dems via Republican source. Story here

27) Let the fact and chin-checking begin: Trump’s prepared GOP convention speech raked. Story here

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28) On the contrary: Crime is not getting worse in the United States. Story here

  28a) (more on that here)

   28b) (more fact chin-checking here)

29) Donald Trump gives worse acceptance speech in history? Story here

30) Donald Trump’s 2016 RNC draft speech transcript. See here


30a) (more on that here)


30b)  (more on that here)

31) “Vote your conscience”: Republican Ted Cruz upsets Republican party snubbing Donald Trump. Story here 

32) Krauthammer hammers Ted Cruz: Says his speech was the ‘longest suicide not in political history.’ Story here

33) Sarah Palin advises Ted Cruz to delete his career. Story here

34) Cruz says he’s ‘not in the habit’ of endorsing people that attack his family. Story here

35) Ann Coulter says Ted Cruz is a “Little bitch who can’t get over it.” Story here

36) The weigh-in on Ted Cruz’s RNC speech: 11 delegates deliberate. Story here

37) Ted Cruz denied entry to Sheldon Adelson’s Suite post his RNC speech. Story here  

38)I Choose Ted

39) This republican read her party the riot act. Story here

40) Gay, republican Peter Thiel to GOP Convention: “I am proud to be gay.” Story here