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networking_for_business_growthAbout ‘networking.’ 

It’s important as, many “millennials” and those of us in the social media age DESPERATELY need a crash course on what “networking” really is, the importance of it—and how not to ruin the possibility of obtaining it over for being social media silly:

“Networking” isn’t subtweeting and doing things to be retweeted by who we think are being seen by who we want to be seen by—and later cryptically subtweeting and being cryptic yet because our antics of being seen by them aren’t paying off or bring them any closer to us. We have all the social media ‘personality’ and business acumen in the world per post but zero personality, business etiquette and professionalism about ourselves enough to actually network and build healthy business relationships and bridges.

Word: I have an iron clad motto about such thing:

“He who exhibits troubled waters is no bridge.”

Re-learn what ‘networking’  and connecting really is and how it can really help your actual BUSINESS grow.

A true/real entrepreneur who truly knows anything about lasting success and significance over the ‘fly by night’ knows that [even with] the blossoming of the Internet, grass roots is still a thing that entails necessary everythings. The rules of it will always trump all things coming after it.

Realize that “networking” was a real and true grass roots thing and happening that entailed all its steps long before ‘Internetworking’ came along. Think true (grassroots) networking while Internetworking.’ It’s where solidarity begins and sticks.

Many of us are actually more real-business/real-life, socially retarded than we think we are not. To the not-so shrewd, keen and untrained eye, the camouflage of social media and its ability to be used as a shield in front of us (online and in person) affords us to hide behind that fact. All this is still pretty new to us all and we’re still playing with it, but as (major) brands aren’t seeing actual returns on their investments-they are falling back and entrepreneurs are approaching ‘pitching’ them for work in exchange for little to nothing or mere social show.

Over actual/grassroots ‘networking,’ the concentration and priority is there-on that. As a result, ‘networking’ power visibly ONLY lends itself to social media with NO ‘out there,’ REAL, off social media power. Entrepreneur ‘brands’ are going to be forced to rethink ways we connect to make real money and real connections. 

As well, far too many ‘millennials’ and many of us in the social media age haven’t quite figured out how to juggle being ‘human’ and hide behind words online (cryptic or otherwise) vs. being about the business and networking-so we just do a great job and calling ourselves ‘engaging’ with our audience to cover up what we should be doing, can’t do or are not doing–in the name of true networking.

Off bat, you can tell a person, ‘brand’ or ‘business’ on social media that knows nothing about or even has it in them to do true networking versus silly social media Internetworking’ tactics that really don’t work. When we do it everyday, it’s hard to actually see there’s no real ‘networking’ going on.

“Millennials and those of us active on social media are slowing becoming magicians of smoke and mirrors perception vs. actual business people networking: Fooling our audiences into thinking our photo ops, retweets and superficial exchanges online are our connections when behind the scenes-not so much. That’s why we spend so much time online than we truthfully do actually networking and taking care of real business.”   

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