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  1. The disconnect between social media popularity and business effectiveness


clownsEssential article.

I swear by this.

The confusion between actual productivity/expertise and trying to play into social media popularity is a fine BLIND line.

You have to take real step back and see from behind the daily social media fluttery to see what really is and is not going on or being done by the “flutterer.” I have a motto: do sh/t famously and fame plays into you rather than you-it. Period. Dot.

Wayyuyy too many people are obsessed with social media fame and therefore have wayyyy too much faith in social media as a shield to hide behind what really is not going on. When you have ions of people that will play into it by saying what’s necessary to be seen by who they think a “flutterer” is seen by, the it makes it even 10x as hard to see the smoke and mirrors and true usefulness, promoted promises and ‘expertise’—unless you’ve got sense.

The divide + connection between business and social media is this: Social media is a great advertising and marketing tool that should be looked at as the cherry on top. The fact of the matter is, the cake STILL has to be baked. The irony to that is, if the baking is done properly, you shouldn’t always need a cherry on top. If you find that the cherry is extremely necessary, then you really probably aren’t doing much baking.

A lot of what I observe by this social media age wave of ‘entrepreneurs’ is ambition driven by social media and hardly any passion and drive about their actual business or passion about what they claim to dream about. It’s weird.  Totally ambition driven by attention versus Intention.

In closing, I’d like to offer this useful piece of information:

Social media can be likened like the difference between owning your own domain and doing what you’d do on your own domain onto someone else’s: At any time, that someone else can shut down.

You’re in charge of your own domain.

Jack owns Twitter.

Mark owns Facebook.

So bake well-at home (your own domain).

Let the ‘cherry’ be the icing or essential option–not the ‘only’ option. The work (its need and proven usefulness) should pretty much speak for and therefore, market and advertise itself.

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