MARTIN LUTHER KING Said CHICAGO Was A New Level Hatred He’d Never Experienced – Who Knew?!


“Let freedom heathens ring.”


Is the beautiful city of Chicago cursed—and always has been even in MLK’s day?…1966!

Even as late as 2014, we can’t ignore the fact that yes, Chicago has been on the map of the United States for being known for countless inner city shootings run rampant like a contagion. But even with that having lessened a bit, into 2015 (and none reported these 18 days into January as yet-knock on wood); Chicago’s police seemed to have taken over with recent shootings of countless young black men.944076_569275176561054_8959709886522365520_n

Although many of us weren’t born in slain Civil Rights leader Martin Luther Kings day, all that we do know about his struggle, triumphs and demise-we can collectively recollect much of his hurt, pain (and slain) having been placed in