The Future of Boarding Pass Implant Chips Is Now – Is It Worth Bypassing The Airport Security Hassle To You?

Let’s face it.

No matter how necessary it is, security measures performed and taken at the airport can be the most annoying part of our love of traveling. It’s only human to find joy in annoyances like such when something major happens and that annoying act turned out to benefit us. That’s when we find ‘value’ in such things. Sorta like the money we ‘throw away’ paying car insurance every month and there’s no guarantee we’re going to have an accident (and many of us never have!).

While we can predict insurance being necessary for life, we all cringe at knowing we’re handing over free money to car insurance agencies yearly (or monthly) but hey, it’s a part of this life we’re living.

For many, traveling from state to state and country to country is just as much a necessity as traveling road to road.

That being the case, if you, like me know a few conspiracy theorists;




….this next story brought to you by Tori is going to rock chip world (and change the game).

While it’s one thing for the future of your dog traveling with you to be one thing, (most) animal lovers don’t mind getting their dogs chip implanted as, it can lead lost or stray dogs home and keep their owners connected right to them without incident.




But how would you feel about