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  1. This 1 piece of crucial English speaking advice is sending the internet wild
  2. Bill and Bey for her BD: Beyonce — My Birthday’s Worthy of Presidential Mention!!! (PHOTO/VIDEO)
  3. U.S. investigating potential covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections
  4. Live Animal Keychains Exist And People Are Furious …live what?
  5. This Guy Is Trolling Other Tourists Near The Leaning Tower Of Pisa, And His Photos Beat Them Allfunny-tourists-leaning-tower-of-pisa-fb
  6. Mom dresses as dad for Donuts with Dad day
  7. U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe kneels during national anthem
  8. ‘It was a little nod to Kaepernick’: Megan Rapinoe kneels for Star-Spangled Banner
  9. Soccer star Megan Rapinoe follows Colin Kaepernick in kneeling for anthem
  10. Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe Kneels During National Anthem
  11. I have a secret, personal rule that hasn’t failed me and i live and judge by it: Anything done or said for shock value has no real value. Given the recent reports that pasta is not so bad afterall, coffee actually has even more than ‘nutritional value’ but rather: health benefits,’ antibacterial soap is not so good after, and countless others ‘surprising’ consumer ‘facts’ that held us I dunno about you but, it seems like slowly but surely, every single things consumers have been warned of is now, (this new millennium) getting stamps of approval, yo. Many Think Marijuana Causes Little to No Harm, Study Finds
  12. bishopandtrumpFor first time, carbon nanotube transistors have outperformed silicon
  13. Cameraman’s HOT MIC audio leaked after Reuters is accused of cutting live feed for Trump blessing …Trump “blessing?” I don’t see anything to which is the antithesis of Trump’s ideal/s remotely close to a blessing-‘bribe’ perhaps.
  14. After 4G, Now JIO Plans To Launch 1 GBPS Gigafiber To Homes In 900 Cities And Towns Across India
  15. Britain is now the second biggest arms dealer in the world
  16. Trudeau government rejects e-petition to lift restrictions on AR-15
  17. So when a headline reads: “ Phyllis Schlafly, towering social conservative figure, dies at 92” and continues with: “Washington (CNN) Phyllis Schlafly, a prominent anti-feminist and early leader of the social conservative movement, died Monday at the age of 92” 92 or even 29, the words: “leader of social conservative movement” and especially “prominent anti-feminist” was gon’ send her on to glory anyways. Later lady. RIP.
  18. Colin Kaepernick Has 49ers’ Top-Selling Jersey Since National Anthem Protest
  19. There goes U.S kids ever catching up to China, officially: San Diego Elementary School Announces No Homework Policy
  20. All praises due to “Panda” being repeated in an annoyingly, catchy rap song, surely : Giant pandas rebound off endangered list
  21. Here’s Some Actual Good News: Giant Pandas Are No Longer Endangered
  22. Hillary Clinton Gets Gored
  23. Donald Trump Does Detroit …I can only imagine what life felt like for Donald Trump at a Black Church’s “hymnal” time. Only imagine.
  24. “Shut it Down!”: Reuters Orders Cameraman to Kill Positive Trump Footage
  25. Teen Breaks Down In Tears After Confronting Man Degrading His Girlfriend In Public
  26. Philae Has Been Found! ESA Tracks Down Lander On Comet 67P In Mission’s “Final Hour”
  27. This 2-Year-Old Has A Maniacal Solution To The Trolley Problem
  28. Diddy: Black voters ‘shortchanged’ by Obama presidency
  29. The Gaga-Madonna rap rendition and remix of right here:  Young Thug To Lil Wayne: ‘I Wish You Could Love Me The Way I Love U’
  30. Meanwhile…in other Weezy beefs…Lil Wayne — ‘F*** Cash Money!!!’ (VIDEO)
  31. Did Drake Just Praise Lil Wayne And Slam Chris Brown In One Instagram?
  32. Happy Birthday! Michael Keaton Turns 65 Years Old Today
  33. Now the burka is banned… by ISIS!

    An Afghan woman wearing the traditional burqa casts her ballot at a polling station in Kabul
    An Afghan woman wearing the traditional burqa casts her ballot at a polling station in Kabul on October 9, 2004. Afghans began voting on Saturday in the country’s first direct presidential election, which will also be a major test of U.S.-led nation-building efforts since the 2001 ouster of the Taliban. REUTERS/Desmond Boylan
  34. Gentle Tomcat Comforts Elderly Veterans In Need Of Love And Support
  35. Prez Obama — I Support Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest (VIDEO

    SAN DIEGO, CA - SEPTEMBER 1: Eric Reid #35 and Colin Kaepernick #7 of the San Francisco 49ers kneel on the sideline during the anthem, as free agent Nate Boyer stands, prior to the game against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium on September 1, 2016 in San Diego, California. The 49ers defeated the Chargers 31-21. (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)
    SAN DIEGO, CA – SEPTEMBER 1: Eric Reid #35 and Colin Kaepernick #7 of the San Francisco 49ers kneel on the sideline during the anthem, as free agent Nate Boyer stands, prior to the game against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium on September 1, 2016 in San Diego, California. The 49ers defeated the Chargers 31-21. (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)
  36. POTUS Caping for Kaepernick: Obama Says Colin Kaepernick Is ‘Exercising His Constitutional Right’
  37. Obama defends Kaepernick’s national anthem protest
  38. Obama Defends Colin Kaepernick: ‘He Cares About Some Real, Legitimate Issues’
  39. President Obama’s full statement on Colin Kaepernick
  40. It’s official. Piers Morgan is an equal opportunity pisser offer Piers Morgan Pisses Off 12-Year-Old Hunter By Threatening Her Cat …The teen we reported to you, who hunted (and killed) the giraffe for sport—and struck a pose for social all of social media to see..
  41. Teen Hunter Left Speechless After Piers Morgan Turns Tables On Her
  42. Carson Wentz named Eagles’ starting quarterback
  43. Texas v. Notre Dame opener earns massive overnight rating
  44. Only right: Freddie Mercury: Asteroid named after late Queen star to mark 70th birthday – BBC News
  45. Misfits’ Reunion With Glenn Danzig Stuns at Riot Fest
  46. Four shot, two fatally, in J’Ouvert parade violence
  47. 2 killed in J’Ouvert festival shootings in Brooklyn
  48. Dakota Access Pipeline Protests In North Dakota Turn Violent
  49. Why Canadians drink more coffee than most people in the world
  50. Lord Ganesha Cut Head Found In This Cave
  51. Early morning earthquake shakes Yorkton, Sask. region
  52. Duterte: Who is Obama to ask me about human rights?
  53. Philippines’ Duterte calls Obama ‘son of a whore’
  54. Obama a ‘son of a bitch,’ says Philippines president …uh oh…somebody got it right and  somebody got it wrong. ‘Bitch’ or ‘whore?’
  55. Obama uncertain he’ll meet Duterte at Asean Summit …umm I’d think, too.
  56. Duterte: I don’t want to quarrel with Obama
  57. Admit it: Remember when Bindi used to get on our nerves when she was a little girl? Bindi Irwin Remembers Steve Irwin on 10th Anniversary of His Death
  58. After 25 Years, This Teacher Says It’s All The Paperwork That Made Him Quit
  59. New questions emerge after Jacob Wetterling cold case discovery
  60. Back to Work: Congress Faces Five Looming Issues Following Summer Recess
  61. This Photo Of Modi and Obama At G 20 Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons!
  62. Young Blacks Voice Skepticism on Hillary Clinton, Worrying Democrats
  63. I’ve Spent 6 Years Photographing Waves And The Many Moods Of The Oceani-capture-the-ocean-and-its-many-moods-fb2
  64. Trump mistakes ‘confidential’ and ‘classified’ in Clinton attack
  65. ICYMI: Readers Still Prefer Physical Books to Digital
  66. Kim Kardashian and Saint West Have Fun With Snapchat Filters on His 9-Month Birthday
  67. Lol: Dude Shows Off His Dragon Ball Z Moves!
  68. 9 Days After Nearly Being Crushed In Earthquake, Dog Is Finally Found Alive In Rubble
  69. The killing of a Polish man exposes the reality of post-referendum racism
  70. Preschool Suspensions Really Happen And That’s Not OK With Connecticut
  71. This College Student Calculated The Angle Of Her Dab And It’s Hysterical
  72. Boy late for class because he froze to say pledge and prayer – incredible photo goes viral
  73. Dunya News: Pakistan’s weapon that targets enemies through camera
  74. Anthony Anderson — I Support Colin Kaepernick
  75. Mainstream media buries ‘amazing’ thing Trump’s team just did for people in Florida
  76. (Hide this news from Trump-he’d feel sooooooooooo justified) : 80 Percent Captured at Border Set Free in U.S., Says Agent
  77. Clashes Between Guards And Native Americans In North Dakota Over Pipeline
  78. Daniel Craig Offered $150 Million for 2 More James Bond Movies?
  79. Daniel Craig Reportedly Offered $150 Million To Star In Two More James Bond Movies
  80. Watch Noel Gallagher perform The Jam songs live with Paul Weller
  81. 12 eye-pleasing photos that all perfectionists will truly appreciatephotos_only_perfectionists_appreciate_featured
  82. 19 Times North West Was Snapchat Royalty
  83. Texas Longhorns football QB Shane Buechele exceeds expectations in historic win over Notre Dame
  84. Twitter reaction to Longhorns’ double OT victory
  85. Clinton speaks briefly with press on her new plane
  86. Ohio School District’s New CEO Cuts Creationism and Intelligent Design from Science Curriculum
  87. Efinggggggggggggggggggg Fabulous Genius: Creative Japanese Photographer Does Belly Flops To Add Water Splash Background To His Shotsbelly-flop-splash-water-background-photography-snow-yuki-fb
  88. ‘Bout time. Michigan students will be learning about genocide
  89. “Fatal Attraction” 2016: Horrifying moment jealous wife ‘kidnaps her husband’s two-year-old lovechild and drowns her’ in Russian park 
  90. Lord Ganesha Cut Head Found In This Cave
  91. Hillary Clinton Looks Strong Heading Into Fall
  92. Josh Sitton signs three-year deal with Chicago Bears
  93. BREAKING: The World Is Going To End Next Year Apparently
  94. Pelosi: ‘Too Much Is Being Made of’ Hillary Emails ..I agree. Seriously.
  95. Pelosi Not Concerned With Clinton Email Revelations
  96. Tender-Hearted Dog Brings Comfort To Hospice Patient During Her Final Moments
  97. Surrounded by the inferno: British family flee Spanish wildfire as it closes in on their holiday villa and they become one of thousands forced to escape
  98. 49ers TE Bruce Miller — Busted for Assault … Allegedly Punched 70-year-old Man
  99. This Unique Abandoned Park In Arkansas Is Hiding In The Woods
  100. Barrett named Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week
  101. Chris Wallace Won’t Call Candidates On Their Lies During Last Presidential Debate
  102. Obama Plays Down Confrontation With China Over His Plane’s Stairs
  103. ‘I didn’t choose to be straight, white and male’: are modern men the suffering sex?
  104. Rolex Reveals New Yacht-Master Watches 
  105. Clinton mingles with press on new campaign plane
  106. Rihanna Is Literally Feeling the Love

    rihanna red faux fur love jacket
    Loving Rihanna’s faux fierceness? We MAY have something up our–sleeves over at our sister site’s lifestyle blog…
  107. RESULTS: Psychometrician board exam 2016
  108. AAP MLA drops another sex bomb, accuses party leaders of seeking sexual favours
  109. Playboy model who mocked pensioner’s body at the gym is set to face charges after police finally succeed in tracking down the victim
  110. Cops Locate Victim in Dani Mathers’ Locker Room Shaming Photo & Recommend Prosecution
  111. Poll: Support for Black Lives Matter grows among white youth
  112. …I could go days on this one, though. Millennials respond excellently to #HowToConfuseAMillennial hashtag
  113. #HowToConfuseAMillennial: The hashtag widening the generation gap
  114. One Army battalion going after each Abu Sayyaf leader
  115. Bragi’s New Earphones Are Perfect for the iPhone 7, Probably
  116. skzuaWrsCyh7Where there’s the will, there’s the way: Girl Gives A Tutorial On How To Use Diapers To Create A Fake Booty & Hips!as a woman with an au naturale butt and curvy hips, I can see where the obsession with this could be. I actually find this to be “genius” but…and am gonna head straight over to my CapitalOne/Sharebuilder account and keep my eye on diaper brands; stock. Thanks for the stock tip.
  117. 19 Real Struggles Of Girls With Big Thighs …can’t wait to see this because…no real, big bottom and curyv hips sits on thin thighs and well, there is a flip side to us ample-bottomed, curvy hipped, thick thighs dames  
  118. In Celebration Of Labor Day, A Look At Women In The U.S. Workforce
  119. carmen chamblee set fire to alleged ex boyfriends carCarmen Chamblee of Clearwater, Florida is charged with arson after ‘setting fire to a car she thought belonged to her ex boyfriend …Take a seat, I have a few, quick lessons to teach about this—starting with the fact that from the the looks of things, she needs to set fire to her ‘standards (or this very well be a reflection of her self and life-either way, there’s a psychology and reality behind it all). Let’s review: 

a) Waiting to Exhale Angela Bassett 2Stop getting inspired by Waiting To Exhale type-movies on how to handle these dudes—just for another dumb Facebook story to tell. Angela Bassett’s character lived high in the desert mountains and burned that man’s car on her property-not by the city street and on city property. Among other aggravated arson and other charges, this broad walked herself right into a bigger mess that she attempted to create.

b) This is wayyyy too much fiery emotion—especially for a “boyfriend.” Often times, the level of emotion a woman presents to a man at a tumultuous time is level by how much she knows her value and worth is to him. Take a look at the scene for the answer to that. The more evolved you are as a woman, you don’t even place yourself in any man’s life to which you cannot: ADD value or be OF value to him (in ways far beyond laying up). That way, when you leave, even if angry like that, leave the fire on the inside. Because a REAL woman knows, when she is of any value worth it to any man, all she has to do is leave. He’s the one that should be burning locomotives and sh/t. Not you.

Business, social, or pleasure, you aint sh/t in life and won’t attract realness and solidarity in life until you have mastered the emotional and mental “art” and design of the ability to coolly walk away from and leave behind that which doesn’t serve you, or isn’t respectful to you or good for you and work around doing without it, they, or them. 

Furthermore, “thought” (past tense) implies she most probably had the wrong car (which,as you’ll learn after reading it, she did). If you’re not smart enough to know (at bare minimum) your “boyfriends” license plate number you probably don’t even know your “boyfriends” real name…