📌Michael Phelps Gives His Opponent the Finger 📌Maliah Obama Caught Smoking Pot 📌Trumps Assassination Joke + Other News in Politics, Entertainment, World News Sports and More!

    1. NYPD arrests man who scaled Trump Tower with suction cups
    2. Volleyball in a hijab: Does this picture show a culture clash? – BBC News
    3. Hear Hendrix’s Stunning First Band of Gypsys Performance
    4. No hashtags prayers for Paki Where are the hashtags for the Pakistan hospital attack? Lack of response to bombing criticised on Twitter
    5. An entire generation of a city’s lawyers was killed in Pakistan
    6. Malia Obama Caught on Video Smoking Pot at Lollapalooza?  malia-obama-smoking-pot-claims-lollapalooza-twerking-05.sized-770x415xc 
    7. Trans Model Wears Dress Made Of Flags Where Homosexuality Is Illegal trans flag dress
    8. Jennifer Lopez to Play Drug Lord Griselda Blanco in HBO TV MovieGiselda Blanco JLo
    9. Everyone Ignored The White Man In This Famous Photo. 48 Years Later, The Real Story Emerges.
    10. The Queen Of Twerking Lexy Panterra Has Done It Again With A Raunchy New Twerking Music Video (NSFW) 
    11. Rain barrels are now legal in Colorado

  1. Donald Trump needs a miracle to win
  2. Megan Fox Gives Birth! Actress Welcomes Baby No. 3 With Brian Austin Green
  3. Your Kid Is A Brat, And It’s Your FaultYour-Child-Brat
  4. Watch This Woman’s Hilarious Makeup Tutorial – Viral Makeup Tutorial Parody
  5. Census: Australian Bureau of Statistics says website attacked by overseas hackers
  6. Sarah Michelle Gellar cheers ‘brave friend’ Shannen Doherty as star battles cancer
  7. One of the world’s rarest cats was just spotted for the first time in a decade
  8. Scientists Spot Rare Arabian Sand Cat for the First Time Since 2005 SandCatHeader_1024
  9. Giving adults with autism the skills to build independent lives
  10. Hillary Clinton’s Health In Rapid Decline – Will She Even Make It To Election Day At This Rate?hillary-cough35
  11. Trump’s Assassination Joke: The Second Amendment Could Keep Hillary Clinton From Supreme Court Picks
  12. Elizabeth Warren just humiliated Donald Trump with two perfect tweets
  13. Boston Red Sox aren’t planning farewell ceremony for Alex Rodriguez
  14. Travel: A Cruise from Mumbai to the Maldives, No We’re Not Kidding!Cruise from Mumbai to the Maldives
  15. Santo Condorelli ▼Flips His Dad Off For Luck Before Every RaceSanto Condorelli
  16. Copycat:Michael Phelps finger-wags opponents after 20th gold medalmichael-phelps-wags-his-finger-at-opponents-after-winning-his-20th-olympic-gold-medal
  17. USA women romp to Rio Olympics gymnastics team gold
  18. Muslim Olympian Who Bashed Trump Begins Fencing Match, this Happens INSTANTLY….
  19. WikiLeaks offers reward in the case of Seth Rich’s death
  20. The strangest creature just got unearthed from a Siberian diamond minestrange creature 
  21. Athlete From Rio’s Largest Slum Just Won Brazil’s First Gold Medal In Rio
  22. Rio 2016: Simone Biles’ Journey to Olympic Stardom – NBC News
  23. Michael Phelps says ‘everybody pees in the pool’
  24. Rio 2016 day four: Swimming finals
  25. Refugees In Kenya Get To Watch Their Olympic Heroes Compete
  26. 3 Homes for Bernie! Sanders Reportedly Buys $600K Vermont Lake House
  27. The Sanders movement is only just beginning
  28. These are probably the most beautiful rings in the whole world
  29. Hiddleswift: Robert Downey Jr. barbs Tom Hiddleston on Taylor Swift relationship
  30. Taylor Swift’s ‘Back to December’ Is Officially About Taylor Lautner
  31. Mmm Bop’sZac Hanson Welcomes Daughter Mary Lucille Diana
  32. Mexican first lady’s Florida home owned by potential government contractor
  33. Indian man hits $1m jackpot six days after surviving plane crash
  34. Report: Texas Rangers designated hitter Prince Fielder expected to announce retirement
  35. Miranda Kerr’s Beautiful Malibu Home
  36. Raw highlights: Aug. 8, 2016
  37. Nikki Bella celebrates her four-year anniversary with John Cena
  38. High School Cross Country Team Takes Shelter Dogs On Their RunsHigh-School-Cross-Country-Team
  39. Australia’s population now 48, ABS confirms 
  40. The Nauru files: 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offshore detention