Mosque Visit Subject of American Scorn As President BARACK OBAMA & FLOTUS Seek To Rid All of “Islamphobia”

No… that’s not the president Obama preparing to show’em how it’s done: cutting the rug, dancing the “Dab.”

And no, that  isn’t the first lady playing around in the latest fashion trend [of] wearing the hijab.

pres_barack_obama_mosque_istanbul_obama hijab

What better way to leave people to worry, waddle, and wear themselves down-submerging themselves in their own suppositions [about who they assume and suppose you are, what you represent, are about, and subscribe to] than immerse yourself right into the biggest supposition of all? Trust me, I say. It’s fun. Oh the their torture.

Well that’s precisely what our president and first lady are doing to those people in politics and the public who’ve always accused the president of being Muslim (with a name like “Barack Obama”).

It was one thing for the POTUS to go through publicly humiliating efforts to prove his citizenship when providing us all with a nice handy-dandy copy of his vital statistics, but this time around, if we think he’s going to concede to criticism about visiting a Mosque, we’re in for a rude awakening.

Nearing his presidential tour of duty term, president Barack Obama’s swan song is evident and clear while it’s obvious feels like he has nothing else to prove to anybody as he makes his rounds ‘round the world taking action on things that