Bling! The TWEEXY Is Sure To Make You Ask: “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?”


Tweexy CAD design illustration
Tweexy CAD design illustration


As serial patent holder and obsessive of inventing and “how to make things work’ that (before the end of my time) I’ll probably be caught up to Einstein’s 1000+ (or at least Joy Mangano’s and Lori Greiner’s)—I’m impressed.


As a former nail designer and nail tech, I’d be pissed.

As neither of the two, like you, I’d be sitting back screaming: “Now why did I think of that?”

Say hello to the newest way to paint your nails without the spills and trying to figure out where to sit the bottle, and more importantly; the awkwardness of that position: one hand trying to hold the bottle steady and the other meticulously and perfectly trying to paint our nails.

Now there’s help: The