…CCW is the WORSE ruling in all of humanity. People are shot on highway roadways during road rage, drive-thru line arguments, and all kinds of knee-jerk reaction foolishness.

If people can’t control themselves with a cell phone video feature or a mere QWERTY keyboard and a free social media account, how did they think people could CCW?


Bodycam Shows Arrest of Salt Lake City Nurse for Refusing Blood Sample






  • Trump administration slashes funds for health care sign-ups
  • Mexico signals tougher stance on NAFTA, may pull out of talks if Trump moves to scrap deal
  • Richard Branson: We’ve just ‘got to give Donald Trump and his team three months, six months’ …(Say this with me ‘Scandal’ fast): Not even mentioning personal business scandals brought to/as a result of a presidency that you KNEW would reach the American people but your ego and history of bullying and thinking you could (HALF-COCKEDLY and without a well-though out plan) run the country like YOUR OWN personal business, and personal vendetta’s and fears—sorry Branson but I’m gonna have to disagree on this. You give (people’s own businesses) i.e startups, restaurant ventures and countless other businesses “3 to 6 months.” But when you intention for running a COUNTRY people as a business is obviously for you selfish reasons and with petty, meticulously, mean-spirited zeal—in your first MONTH of staring, you forfeit the [given ‘em a]“chance” window of any months after such drastic acts. Running a country is a business, But this country is not a chicken joint any more than it is a start-up business or Trump’s personal business. It’s the COUNTRY’s business. The only republican I’ve seen that understands that is John McCain. He’s still a republican but has sense enough to know things have to be thought through. Isn’t he the one’s just had brain surgery? Hmm. He’s the ONLY one who uses it.





And let me explain: I mentioned in a tweet rant some tweet posts in July or August, about how if you’re not (as many say) “poppin” online. Where ARE you gonna pop? Because it goes like this: In the days of old, networking events worked because it was THERE where you meet, get acquainted and get it poppin.’ Social media has brought the entire world(wide) in the palm of your hands–or fingertips. So all the work you’ve done (or are doING gets distributed, circulated and known RIGHT there). It was harder in the days of old so, a CLUSTER things were done at while networking or at events then. I can only IMAGINE how tough it was to get your brand, name, product, service or business out there. Even before social media when we just had domains in the Internet…it still was hard. Social media removed a LOT of barriers to branding and marketing. So in 2017, if you attend a networking event/are networking, when you show up-who you are, what you do/have to offer (e.g SHARED RESOURCES/BUSINESS) should already be known. Networking to ‘yasss’ and hashtag your way through it on social is merely a pep rally. When the crickets appear, (like she said in the article-pretty much) it’s still gonna ll boil down to your work–that you CAN’T get by needing to be DONE. The work has to get done. In the business of networking think: SHARED RESOURCES. Then ask yourself the question like (somebody politically famous) once asked: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what can you do for your country.” That said, what do you have to SHARE? Be smart. Network WITH and attend networking events with businesses, brands or people with whom YOU feel you can be of use to that TOO, you (feel) they may have the same interest in [you] and what THEY ALREADY KNOW you have to offer. Other than than, you’re wasting your dime and you’re wasting your time.