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  • Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Trailer 2 (Official)






  • Break your habits with ‘shocking’ results for $135…(reference: Pavlok Electro Wristband) 📌 I happen to think this is awesome. Two things/people you learn early in psychology is Freud and Pavlov. But whether you are/were a psychology student or not, you (should) know about “classical conditioning” and Pavlov’s Dog Experiment as, it’s exhibited daily-in human beings in every aspect of life up to and (especially) including social media (very much apart of our lives today). In short Pavlov’s Dog experiment was a test in positive and negative reinforcement that demonstrated how something is done (or said) that causes one to act/react one way or another. There is a device on the market inspired by Pavlov. This could be good.
  • Want to Have a Good Day? Try Making the Bed First 📌Obviously I’m one with this technique. Although I’ve heard of making your bed when first out of it was helpful in manifesting a great day, I don’t all the time do it (so this is interesting to me). I DO however, feel that the firsts of things set the precedent of how a relationship, situation or day will go.

And I pretty much don’t try and fight or be in denial about that. I roll with it as a function of understanding that how things naturally unfold is how it is supposed to be..sorta like the opposite of-making up the bed: All that starts well, ends well. Be it an acquaintance, a moment, a situation, a person, a thought, or a bed. Always be conscious of first things first with the intention of beginning well.












A man who thought he had met the man of his dreams on a dating website was left fighting for his life after his lover turned out to be a convicted murderer 



  • US takes control of Russian posts in three cities after expelling diplomats
  • President and First Lady Arrive in Texas: Serve Food, Hand Out Coloring Books: ‘We are with you’ 
  • Judicial Watch: Comey Perjured Himself; He’s in Grave Legal Jeopardy 
  • Former “Apprentice” star Omarosa Manigault could be on her way out of the White House  📌(remember we linked you to the fact that Trump has a special dedicated position for someone to fetch him his “positive” news. They’ve got their work cut out for’em. LoL)
  • Kelly Reportedly Trying to Cut Trump Off From Omarosa, Breitbart reports …📌Omarosa should have known better. I never understood (or understand) people with insatiable appetites for being associated with cliques or crowds or groups in which their value to the group means nothing, essentially. My thinking has always been and continues to be-YOU have to fit MY criteria of what I’m about, or stand for, first. But that’s just me. Granted, we all need to collect our paper and only a job or career can ensure that, but right on the world’s stage and in an administration in which the “black outreach” isn’t that high a priority, by default, someone in control of that role is expendable—as is (or was) Omarosa from the start.Considering how initially impressed I was with Omarosa like back when she FIRST got on television—(until, on Trump’s show Apprentice-in front of his very own eyes) she started spindling out of control and that publicity/media bug bit her, in turning around and carving the role for herself (or him, for her), either way, it’s disappointing that she (obviously) resorted to route: “anything for the money and a little fame on the worlds stage wouldn’t hurt.” While that’s pretty much the name of the game for most public figures, working under Trump in a “black outreach” position wasn’t worth the CV entry (again, because Trump or his administration doesn’t have “black outreaching” high on its list of priorities).As harsh strong as my take on issues of social politics (like here in that “alleged” Elon Musk to assistant bit and this networking bit), I’m straight-forward, unapologetically and you’ll thank me later. You can’t call yourself an “entrepreneur” and not have street smarts or not recognize when you are getting gamed any more than you can’t be weak-minded and weak-hearted out here in a heartless game of social politics. Social politics (especially since “social” has become “media”) is a game that comes wrapped in a smile and a well-written socially likeable tweet, post or spiel where under its (dis)guise is the brass tax real. What is, is. No matter how it’s packaged and presented. Cut the bullshit and get straight to that. It hurts for a second but in the end (or beginning-if you’re smart), it serves you well going forward.  Omarosa was NOT very strategic in this move in the first place. And if it is true, I’m confident that she already knew better. She’s savvy, and throughout getting turned out by publicity, fame, and media; I’m sure she hasn’t lost that. But like many (who think they can “social” and “media” their way through and to it) the truth behind the brass tax of that iron fist wrapped in the velvet glove, will hit you right in the face, anyway. It’s better to meet it head it with better strategy and moving on what you know is true. And in HER case, a “black outreach” in a Trump administration is all but a 1% priority.



I’m aware these are very much publicity laden, suggested phot-op moments but, for a moment, let’s live vicariously through the moment by the sincerity these pics exude. After all, they are kids–who can’t disagree with Trump, so, it’s real. So peep my spiel, here:


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