ONGESTED JAIL . In this photo taken on July 21, 2016 inmates sleep on the steps of a ladder inside the Quezon City jail.

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As a PRESIDENT of the United States (democrat or republican) in a democracy, when INSTANTANEOUS decisions are made without BOTH parties or sides coming to the table, that gives rise and power to divisiveness and separatism.

Trump is NOT your “buddy”simply because you where a red MAGA cap.  There is NOTHING wrong with PRESIDENT Trump FINALLY…for ONCE in these short nine months…taking a moment to re-evaluate impulsive decisions that have NOT been thought through.


Just like when John McCain came straight out of brain surgery and handed out that “nay” and shut down taking health care from millions of Americans-based on a party of greedy politicians who OBVIOUSLY did NOT think it through (AND completely shut dems out, literally-with NO intentions on coming to the table for a meeting of the minds), Trump, YOURS AND MY PRESIDENT, for ONCE owns the right to come to the table to make a plan better than an impulsive, half-cocked one only to satisfy YOUR fears, and hatred. Geezel Peetes.

As a leader of a business and ESPECIALLY a country, it is BUSINESS…WISE business to pump the breaks on tyranny when your business decisions are mounting up such that (as a leader or a boss) your respect and reputation overwhelms your title. Trump (in only 9mos in) is on his way to a point of no return not only as a president, but as a businessman of the Trump brand. He is looking like an immature, kicking and screaming child incapable of adulting and making adult decision-as if his WHOLE ENTIRE persona surrounding being the King of New York and “Art of the Deal” was a complete and utter farce. He (himself) is pulling the wool from over himself.


Of all the occupations we chase, aspire to be or reach and become, there is no better occupation than being a leader of the world where you are permitted to un-be “You” without scorn-even if the world knows it.


If the means to the ends serves the democracy and is for the greater good, versus the greedy few; as a businessman, it is OK for that man, the leader of the country,  to say: “Okay, dems/left, you don’t agree with my plan? Write up a better way to do it, let me review and it we’ll meet back at the drawing board.”

And he should be left alone for ONCE in this, to elect to act like a true business man and world leader. Let him be-this one time. Geez.