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Kevin Hart is apologizing to his wife and kids after an unidentified person allegedly tried to extort him for a sexually suggestive video.

    • Rewind: Kevin Hart laughs off critics of his personal life: ‘I can’t even be shocked anymore’
      • 🗣 I’m an androgynous thinking woman. So what I am about to say might take you aback but hopefully it doesn’t. From what I’m looking at-like the video with him beneath this, Kevin Hart is so totally oozing with the excitement of the feel of finally getting the feeling of “mackin’ ” (a girl like the one exiting the car in the video) + having to explain himself for “cheating”–(on pretty girl like his new wife)–both types that wouldn’t have given him ANY play in his past. LoL. So let Kevin Hart be great.
        (Photo: Danny Moloshok, Invision/AP)

        Not that it’s any excuse for “cheating,” but cheating (in the eyes, minds and hearts of most men, mean something altogether different). Men cheat, flirt, and collect numbers etc., more often than not-to work something out for themselves. Be it reassurance, regressing, or reaffirming most men don’t even regard “cheating” as cheating even it sex was involved. Although that requires more explaining than I have time to elaborate on here, cheating-for most men, isn’t (always) physical. But with regard to sticking to the point of this short spiel, before he became “Kevin Hart” a “famous comedian” he never EVER would have gotten the chance to be caught up in a cheating scandal where he had to hang his head low in such a state of redemption-with such girl. Some get rich and have fulfill their fantasies of wild parties and sex every which way, travel to places they’ve never dreamed of and wear clothes they couldn’t even afford to buy magazines for which they are advertised. Others finally get the chance to live out a fantasy of being caught cheating. Having the kind of fun he never had with the types of girls he’s having fun with—perhaps. I’m sure Kevin Hart can look back on the Rolodex of his life (before being rich and famous) and never recalled what it felt like to be a “cheating man” until he got rich and famous. That said, I’m just gonna reduce this incident to that and let Kevin be great and keep it moving. Unfortunately, he’s married and well (perhaps) should’ve waited and kept playing. After all, he’s rich and famous and well…they’ll still be here like they’ve always been.

Kevin Hart

    • …But this music on his other “cheating” vid though. LoL:



Having him making light of it and laughing at his black self caught trapped and (obviously set up here) and all you see is teeth yet, [you] know its him would make good comedic material altogether.