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🗣Sorta like how I explained here-how hood fights go down (where we used to use a stick on the shoulder of the person who was afraid to take the first swing)…For people who are culture shocked by this, know two things about the “hood” and “ghetto.” As you see, it is not (necessarily) a black or white exclusive thing/way of life, it is socio[economic] and other factors (that require more explaining that I don’t have time to, here). That said, although violence is never the answer, (in the hood) once the “talk” doesn’t solve the problem, old fashioned “hood” or “ghetto” life is to take it to the street. This is how it used to be done before pulling out a gun and killing each other became “fashionable.” Sure, peacefully remedies and peacefully co-existing is the best answer, but I’d rather see this than guns. Rather than judging them, know that in the hood and ghettos (before guns), take this as a history lesson demonstrating how wrangles used to be settled. P.S. Don’t worry about part two, by the end of that ass-whipping-you usually know if you want to try that person again (or not) LoL. Unfortunately, as guns come into play, it starts with one and ends with one.

Great (different and entertaining) concept but actually bad not good—where actual relating is concerned. If the keyword to relationship is to relate, and we have to relate through dogs, we’re already headed off to a bad start. Don’t believe 140-character hype and mistake mosts charm and ‘personability’ and for being as is it seems. Because of technology itself, offline, you will find that sooooo many people are socially retarded AF or are so fake social media ‘personalitied’ that thier conversations (in person) and all that they talk about sound like social media posts or as if the world is watching-rather than just the one (you) listening. That said, technology is already making (many of us) personally retarded as is, we CERTAINLY don’t need a dog doing the same.



Further unilateral sanctions to have impact on N. Korea: U.S. State Dept.

“The child was challenging, but they were acting worse than the child,” said Winter Haven Police Chief Charlie Bird.According to police, Henderson and Smith said they didn’t feel they did anything wrong when they were interviewed about the allegations. 

🗣There are two things here. Listening to the audio while watching the video, it (obviously) seems (to those girls) they weren’t in the wrong because the boy was exhibiting bad behavior, but therein lies the problem with hiring immature/under-aged people to oversee immaturity that (as older adults or people older than children) are supposed to understand as something that can and will come from children. You don’t combat children, you correct and redirect children–especially in a daycare situation.

As well…this question (and its answer is one to ask whether it’s any from this particular professional situation to something as personal as cheating—it SIMPLY shuts all the bullsh|t DOWN: “Is this something you would have done if his parents (wife/husband/friend/co-worker or any disinterested interested party) were in the room?”  Since more likely (than not) the answer WILL be “no,” then that tells you it should’ve been said or done. That is always the before question to ask yourself in most all situations where the interested party is not around to protect themselves, or their loved one and you are in control of the action or what is about to go down or on (or said). That is where your OWN correct can (and should) be done.

Case closed.







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McCain, again: