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On another note, I love what I do in blogging and writing. Because I hurt, daily, that because my life is SO crowded with all my blogs and working a regular job, I get very little time to draw and paint, but this just inspired me to take some moments in time while blogging-(via abstract/dimension) to sketch, draw, or paint certain events in popular culture. I even have a site but don’t promote to sell much on my blogs, but will-and package, post, promote, and make available for sell with my blogs-something different, that too, makes what a love to do (too) very much apart of what takes up most of my time. I y’aint doin’ nothing FOR the outside unless I love it on the inside or can attach the inside to the out(side). I love to share, talk and speak-I try getting it in on my podcast-#AngFrankPodcast and radio/interview show I (personally) love writing, so-my personal and lifestyles/ entertainment blog. I (personally) love art/style and (some/relevant) trends so, SelfieStyleStories. I (personally) love news and information so: ToriSpilling.

Outside of celeb gossip and lifestyle blogging, news and info is something you HAVE to be built for (mentally and emotionally), but with a properly aligned, (and especially-compartmentalized) open spirit, things will come to you and motivate you to move and do what you are supposed to do. Only in its time, when it’s time…

Funny note; I have TONS of Trump current event art in mind-and have for many months and Sundays now. Time to let it out. The visuals all these stories give me is ‘art’ in and of itself. LoL.

P.S.I’m ITCHIN’ to re-do, go over top of that painting, (in charcoal) and bring Kurt Cobain back to life (as much as possible).♥

Moving on.


Mary J. Blige takes the stage at the Cincinnati Music
Photo credit: The Enquirer/Shae Combs

In concert photography, you’ve got to be + have two things: fast and have a good eye. Concert photography is unyielding, unforgiving and won’t wait for you to get a good shot, you’ve got to make a literal snap judgment of what’s a good shot.

I love and collect, certain types of photography and yes, concert photogging is sooo dope ESPECIALLY when in silhouette. Even DOPER when the artist has branded their IMAGE so much so that you can already tell who it is (in the shot) without the aesthetics and details. This, by the way, is non other than Mary J. Blige at the Cincinnati Music Festival two months ago. if you’ve so much as heard of Mary J. Blige and seen one real pic of her, you would even know that pic is her.

This/these two is also a dope concert photoggin’ shots of Ronnie DeVoe and Michael Bivins of New Edition/BBD (Bell Biv DeVoe) …These 3 shots are ART!

Photo credit: The Enquirer/Shae Combs
An attendee takes a video during Bell Biv Devoe's performance
Photo credit: The Enquirer/Shae Combs




…Well ↑ that article says there is a video (somewhere) of the guy punching the officer. But this article Graphic video shows a cop shooting a man seven times after a struggle — here’s what we know  actually shows the officer just shooting the guy—several times. And here it is:

..hey, I’m guessing the scuffle version will show up at some time. But still, the question begs: If the shooting happened after the scuffle and both the officer and the man are feet apart, does an officer have the right the shoot—post scuffle? What? Is that kill a ‘punishment’ (or reaction) for the guy for having scuffled with the officer? I would think during the scuffle would be the point where the notorious officer “I was scared for my life” excuse would suffice. But (according to the video) a stumbling guy feet a ways from you is hardly a reason to be ‘afraid for your life,’ but then again: What’s that thing in the guy’s hand? Was there a warning to drop (whatever that is) and put his hands above his head? These questions have got to be asked–and answered.