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This is (literal) proof-positive that we are all just actors-portraying how we wish to be perceived. Who a person REALLY is, what they subscribe to and do and feel and think or WILL do isn’t always on the table of on our sleeve. I have SUCH A writeup / spiel to give on the ENTIRE oxymoronic issues  with this whole thing: from his race/age/nationality, (outward/known) emotional/mental state, his financial status, occupation and lifestyle and EVERYTHING. He TOTALLY thwarted the status quo yet, is responsible for the largest mass murder in U.S. history.

This is what this man’s neighbors had this to say about him:

The flip side of that is my curiosity that it’s being ignored that the countless crimes and crazy have turned up since social media technology where the desire for attention and fame is the catalyst. It amazes me that not ONE “expert” has not considered that notion that a digital detox is a necessity-of at least 21 days…to reset all of our mentalities. I’m sorry…EVERYBODY’s brain is connected to this way of life and the artificiality has seeped its way into normalcy and put it in reverse for NOTORIETY. Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter Tom etc. won’t have my full respect until the unplug people’s BRAINS for some length of time because TRUTHFULLY it is by way of THEIR inventions that PEOPLE are the way they are and doing the things they are doing. Call me crazy but if you don’t see this right on the table, I surely think there a a person just like this guy beneath your surface. Sorry. The Mark Zuckerberg’s ,Twitter Tom’s and IG kings of the world are SOLELY responsible for resetting mentalities and ETHICAL CLEANSINGS. The world, and businesses (who are doing it right) can still go on without a social media / media attention starved platform blackout. The Internet is its own thing. But EVERYBODY needs a reality check reset on what life is like without it. It will humble and cure and even kill some (via suicide). But it’s the only cure for a mental reset for people like this guy and pretty much everybody.



















Are Plummeting Marriage Rates A Bad Thing?  (The short answer is “YES” but requires the kind of explanation I would have to podcast but don’t have time to explain in writing. Anything and everything usual or moral or righteous or typical or normal  that goes in reverse is something we have to look at as an indicator or the sign of the times we live and love in–rather than the issue itself. The “issue” is a  “representation” / reflection. That’s the conversation piece on the podcast spiel I will have to give.





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