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I love Manson’s artistry and too, a lot of his music-the meaning/lyrical content (“Beautiful People” and “Dope Show”) but as my mom would say, sang…he can’t walk and chew bubblegum at the same time. LoL.

…to question, make light (or dark), Hefner’s millions made off being [quote] “a pornographer and chauvinist who got rich on masturbation, consumerism and the exploitation of women, aged into a leering grotesque in a captain’s hat, and died a pack rat in a decaying manse where porn blared during his pathetic orgies” is to question how sports, sex industry/entertainment and other forms of American culture’s occupations makes more millions over the essentials for quality of life and limb that caregivers, teachers and healthcare workers provide. To question that is the equivalent to questioning that (since the invention of reality television through to social media) how coonery, buffonery and bullshit eats quicker than merit and true hard or smart work, and the answer is this: It is the fabric of American culture since industries and organizations began. People pay FOR and pay attention TO [what obviously this writer is referring to as ‘bullshit’ and immorality]. But in conversation and in front of the watching and listening world, cop to conservatism and socially safe things so as to appear astute, and moral. But the truth is, “Hef” type things and all other forms of entertainment and its subcategories are getting rich because people don’t actually put their money where their mouth is. Industries, organizations and the companies of them are merely working with the millions upon billions they are paid for people’s entertainment over (essentials like) education or healthcare. Fortunately (or unfortunately-however you look at it), people pay money or pay attention to (which too, equals money) various forms of entertainment as essential to their liking yet, make conversation, have commentary and make even rules opposite of what’s right, righteous, or “essential.”

To know (or follow me) is to know I am hard-care pro-merit, talent and skill over bullshit, and superficial, thumb up-reciprocity in the form of cheap, relative, subjective-driven marketing under the guise of real, true, endorsing of what’s righteous, real or and essential.. But too, I know: Welcome to America. Where we have to deal with it or go make a deal. It’s all about what you choose and your strategy. Like, while I am pro talent, merit and skill, even none of that means diddly-squat if the world (outside of your social media feed and a hashtag) doesn’t know about it. Blogging and especially blogging news media trumps all that. Social media and the media gone social made news media that trump all. So while I can exhibit talent and skill and champion merit, I also work every day on being the king of the game (and top of what ‘influencing’ REALLY means and does as per 1st paragraph here) via being thee vehicle that tells the world about it.

That said, like the author’s op-ed, we can know what we know but still, you have to do what you do and hopefully, deal what you deal–and make a big deal of, with, or by way of it if you can.

…yeah. My segues are intentional where I can 🙂

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Let’s talk about fame, levels of fame (and OJ Simpson, too).

To [even so much as think] that O.J Simpson will not regain “celebrity status” is foolish. Do you realize how many panties, conjugal visits and girlfriends even unknown serials killers get in prison? You have to understand the psychology behind what is, what looks like or feels like celebrity to the psyche people-especially today. Read this slowly: Anybody that is doing something either atypical, unusual, or that (especially) garners attention (whether or not they are rich from it or hated for it) is “celebrity” to the average mind and eye who is, or is doing neither of those things—especially since the world of media has gone “social” and public.

I will repeat (again) and read it slowly (again): Anybody that is doing something either atypical, unusual, or (especially) that garners attention (whether or not they are rich from it or hated for it) is “celebrity” to the average mind and eye who is, or is doing neither of those things—especially since the world of media has gone “social” and public.

Even while living a modest life and trying to remain inconspicuous with a (necessary) footprint on social media but (in addition) doing just this very thing on this very platform that you are reading from causes a world of headache for me in the world offline. Filled with awkward energies of people who know from snooping vs. know through genuine conversation and unfortunately, are very good actors who can play it off. Their actions begin to play with the thoughts in their own heads. The psyches of people’s minds and the things that they do simply because (publicly) I do something a step over social media and I get a higher level or worldwide/global-level attention for it over the closed circuit of a mere public social media page is a result of people’s obsession with fame itself. The stories of the (underhanded ways) in which I canNOT peacefully exist as a neighbor or a co-worker coexist will astonish you (and this is without me talking about what I do and it being common knowledge).

If you are going to get along (mentally healthy) in this new “social media world” you are going to have to get USED TO THE FACT that you are going have relatives, friends, and coworkers you are going to be working with, and living that are “famous” people everyday—who just might not be rich enough (yet) to get away from you/you guys mutual surroundings. Understand that before social media, anybody had access to being presented to the world; you were either rich and famous or did something famous that made you rich or infamous.

Just like “video killed the radio star,” social media killed the news broadcasters of all of television and radio who, at one time, could control who they made famous.

Now, social media opens doors for people to make their OWN “famous” even if they are not rich from it.

So if you are going to get along (healthily in your mind and soul and doings), you are going to have to get used to the fact that “famous” people (online) are going to be living around or working with you everyday. And if they chose not to disclose or share who they are or what they do that makes them famous online, respect that. Don’t envy that, don’t covet that, and don’t stalk them or try and create (negative) experiences with them just to be able to say “ooh I know her or him.” That shits weird. And it’s crazy. And it’s NOT healthy. Nobody wants to be bothered with that or people like that. Simply treat people nice from the beginning (so that you if you find out they are great or nice people who you found out were “famous” you don’t have to regret how badly you treaded them and activate your ‘crazy’). Opposite that, REMAIN nice to those great or nice people who you find out are “famous” (just the way you already were before you snooped and found they were “famous”)–that keeps things from going weird (and crazy, too).

People these days are either nuts (already) or will make themselves nuts when and where fame comes into play. And it doesn’t take much for you to look “famous” in their eyes even if they won’t cop to admitting it out of their mouths but (if you just have to be around them) will be very demonstrative of the “crazy” and weirdness that comes right along with being “famous.” And until you can afford to get out of that existence and far away from certain types whose minds have shown them you are a little (or a lot “famous), your best bet is to stay far, far away from having to get caught in the clutches of them. Because “experiences” with you will be had even without your being a willing participant and life (as other people around you that can peacefully coexist) is no more. You have to work very hard at not being the kind of reactive that someone else (that can peacefully co-exist) can get away with. Until you leap from that environment (because you either have to live around it or work around it), you have to learn to find solace in the torture that (to whom is so overly obsessive and unnaturally concerned with you) is suffering. You have to secretly chuckle at matching it to the mean-spirited, unnecessary, and terrible situations those types by “design” to try and put you through simply because of your merely being “famous” to the SAME world that (ironically) they can be too (if you scroll back, as I explained after the Hefner article)—once they understand supply and demand. Everybody has something valuable for the world. And social media made it possible to find out where YOUR audience of the world is. The task is doing it and whatever that thing is. What separates “those types” (from the people who are doing it) is the simply fact that they are doing it—and the people who aren’t are logging online all day every day: watching it…

Fame-fiending turns otherwise normal people into (evil) monsters or (complacent) zombies.

Fame-fiending in the eyes and minds of people who simply elect not to apply themselves (yet envy and covet it) is a secret sickness that is in no way flattering but rather, everything annoyingly, meticulously, and obsessively covertly sick or weird (especially if they were either mean to you or indifferent and later snoop and find out you’re kinda famous in the world-then they regret being so and insist on bringing you a different kind of energy) It’s all bizarre-simply stemming from the obsession with “fame.” Your friends, family, and people who know you personally even get weird. People’s obsession with fame transfers to you if you are the slightest bit famous to the world.

I tell you all that from, and on a modest-budget, yet from a  famous life (on-line) in which I do “famous” things (over and beyond social media). I tell you my experience NOT of a person who is even “rich + famous.” So please know that OJ Simpson (who was) rich and famous will FOREVER be “famous.”

All that said and explained…. (say this with me “Scandal” fast): Don’t you ever get it twisted that a former pro football star turned (“alleged”) knife-wielding jealous ex that (“allegedly”) killed his kid’s mom and her new friend that (actually) walked free for years only to get arrested for stealing back his own sports memorabilia and (oxymoronically) got years of time in prison on-will have a problem with “regaining” celebrity status in a world (that since all his ordeals) are even MORE celebrity/fame obsessed than the day he “allegedly” committed those murders then walked a free man and ultimately went to jail, eventually. So back to this article writer’s “research” poll: “Poll: Only 27 percent of Americans think O.J. Simpson will regain celebrity status” get the EN-tire fck outta here. Yes he will.

Now, will he get those “millions” he wants for his first post interview since his release. NO. At this point in the game, OJ Simpson’s only value to the media is his admission of guilt and well, he’d rather die or go back to jail TO live life in prison than be a free man and having laid the truth about him being a murderer in the world’s hand.

Therefore, the “millions” he anticipates making from the highest bidder willing and wanting to sit down with him will solely depend on how much (the station and interviewer) will gauge how the ratings are valuable to them doing an interview with the likes of OJ Simpson who will NOT EVER admit to killing Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. Go figure.


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