PGA Snobs? Pro Golfer THOMAS PIETERS Says PGA Photo Shopped His Curly Hair For Site Profile

Thomas Pieters photoshoppedOf all sports, it’s an unspoken thought (for many) that golf is considered and seen as some ‘elite’ club and sport by “invitation” of sorts.

Although (like most all other sweaty, physical sports), golf, tennis, and ice skating aren’t the typical sports that we see out there being recruited from college; the fact of the matter is: they’re all “pro” sports nonetheless.

Each sport seems to have a usual ‘type’ (e.g. basketball= tall and slim, football=stocky) and with golf, we don’t think of anything physical but rather: ‘mature.’

Of all sports, ice skating, tennis and golf seems more like a “club.”

Golfing tends to be seen as that ‘mature’ exercise that test our patience, swing, and eye-hand coordination.

All that explained, who knew that golf (pro golf, the PGA) were such snobs?

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