Pregnant Moms & New Moms To Be Screened For Depression + Considering Surge in Plastic Surgery, Are Doctors Screening? Should They?

Don’t get it twisted, butt shots are all the millennial wave. “Butt” despite the fact the barbaric method (and materials) can be taught to anyone without a medical degree to enhance countless female backsides, the fact of the matter is, it’s still “surgery.”

Anytime the body is cut open and anything is taken out of it (or put in to it), surgery has begun.

Unfortunately, no counseling comes with hotel room butt lifts, fills and enhancements and thank goodness instant surgeons auto-humbly know their limits and stick with gluts (and leave the breasts and rest alone and up to the pros).

One other thing (by default) they leave alone as a part of the new “back yard” package deal is the possible need for counseling (for what and why the underlying reason-not medically necessary-surgery was