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  28. ImpeachDonaldTrumpNow.org launched immediately after Trump sworn in
  29. 📌Kellyanne Conway wears “revolutionary” inauguration coat <<<—Now this one right here…one thing I can say about her is that she is oneeeeeeeeee smart, composed, poised and quick-witted woman. Have you seen her interview? She is savvy AF! Don’t try her. SHE is one employee or assistant or sidekick or friend that one could just say: “Don’t worry, I’ll get Kellyanne on her.”  She’s that good. We crap on Trump but she swats mofos like flies. EVERY time. Nails it, yo.
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  41. ICYMI: Obama believes relationship with India worth investing: White House (I AGREE, This is why)…SURELY our 44th pres was an OtherSideoftheFame.com fan :-)~
    1. Barack Obama Believes Relationship With India Worth Investing
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P.S. I must say…I REALLLLLLLLLY loved Melania’s body language when she handed former First Lady Michelle Obama the gift. It was so child-like and gracious. For whatever Trump lacks in that department, she makes up for it. Honestly speaking, if his disrespect and apathy towards women wasn’t so strong, I’d place all the “hope” many have none for since his being elected, in her.
You see, some men submit to their women when they respect her judgment, authority and get-down (‘get-down’ meaing: how she puts out, solicits and resolves–and yes, that subject is on my podcast whiteboard subject list to talk about).
At any rate.
Not that he doesn’t ‘respect’ her in the privacy of their own home because I don’t know that to be true or no, but (from what we’ve seen/know about him) I CAN say that I hardly doubt she has her own voice or ability to sway him in any way-personal, professional or otherwise.
She seems like a sweet lady, though. A very sweet lady.
And she looked awesome and in her powder-blue.
Now as far as the critics quacking on Donald…They didn’t have nice things to say about his 1st day fashion. Surely he didn’t do like we did as kids on the day before the 1st day: Layout out our clothes meticulously and obsess over our outfit for the big 1st day.
Well, I was gonna save the article to include in my next fashion articles list but since we’ve segued into fashion, now is just as good a time as any: