📌#Trump420: 5,000 Joints Passed Around At Inaugural 📌Need $8,000? Startup Needs To Inject You With ‘Millennial Blood’📌Bodybuilder Jay Kennedy Likes ‘Em Plus Sized 📌Postcards From The Edge: Paris Massacre Killer / ISIS Fanatic Gets Love Letters In Jail 📌and More!

  1. LoL: 5,000 Free Joints Passed out in D.C. for Trump Inauguration
  2. LoL: Protestors are blocking Uber headquarters because of its ties to Trump
  3. This not-at-all creepy startup wants to inject you with millennial blood for $8,000
  4. Why the World’s Biggest Sharks Love Mafia Island  #travel
  5. WTF? Rottweiler Found With Nose And Tail Cut Off Is ‘The Nicest Dog’
  6. *Blankstare x side eye* This Woman Created Artwork With Her Period Blood And People Love It
  7. ISIS fanatic behind Paris massacre says he gets love letters in prison
  8. What Did Neanderthals Leave to Modern Humans? Some Surprises
  9. Candy maker Mars is trying to solve the mystery of the spilled Skittles
  10. This guy gets an A…+ …especially at marker 02:37-03:55 This Male Model Declared His Love for Plus Size Women ref: Jay Kennedy

P.S. Awesome that he’s mature about it and not in a brazen objectifying way. Looking at his pic in the article when the header came through my pipeline, I totally thought he was going to be a clown. Wasn’t.