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📌SIDE NOTE (about the above video) …NOTHING is sexier than an evolved, man “manning.” I love a substantive guy who’s not impressed by ego-driven antics and goings on and totally ‘over it.’ I think that Madonna, then—the “Truth or Dare” Madonna, had met that ‘ladies man’ Warren a little too late. It looks like he was growing into his manhood around this time he was still plagued with his ‘playboy’ reputation. As an evolved (man or woman) you have to be ‘evolved’ enough to meet a man (or woman) where they are AT…NOT where YOUR mind tells you are where their reputation preceded them. When you are not evolved, you lack the capacity take in the other person’s ‘way’ that they are giving to YOU (exclusively). Even if it’s not they way your mind or heart wants THEM…you can’t overstep boundaries or run off with the ‘fantasy’ of what and how YOU want them to be.