📌Man Bites Man’s Ear Off During Debate About Trump 📌How To Keep The Momentum After The March 📌Foe-Twenty: Bill Makes Advertising Marijuana A Crime Without A License 📌WikiLeaks Wants To Publish Trump’s Taxes–Now, Trump Will 📌and More!

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  2. Essential Politics: Trump sets the tone in first weekend
  3. Spicer holds rapid-fire first press briefing
  4. Donald Trump Reinstates Ronald Reagan’s Abortion ‘Global Gag Rule’
  5. As a Catholic, it beggars belief that Donald Trump would impose an anti-abortion rule that puts women’s lives at risk
  6. Congressman proposes anti-abortion bill to define life as beginning at conception
  7. Swedish politician resigns after suggesting someone should ‘shoot’ Trump
  8. The World Finally Gets The Nazi-Punching Anthem It Deserves
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  11. Donald Trump Taxes: WikiLeaks Wants to Publish Them
  12. Trump aide reverses course, says President Trump will release taxes after audit is complete
  13. I’m going to ‘make Justin Trudeau’s life absolute hell,’ Kevin O’Leary of ‘Shark Tank’ says
  14. Michael Moore says female Trump voters are ‘victims’ of ‘misogyny and the sexism’
  15. Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump: He deserves the chance ‘to be a kid’
  16. Trump moves to pull US out of big Asia trade deal
    1. Trump executive order pulls out of TPP trade deal
    2. Trump signs executive actions on TPP, abortion, federal hiring freezeFour reasons why Hollywood supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  17. After Women’s March tweets, Park Ridge-Niles school board member resigns
  18. Bruce Springsteen hails Women’s March as ‘the new American resistance’
  19. How To Keep Your March Momentum Going
  20. It’s interesting that the Bush’s got sick and released just before and then after Trump’s inaugural. So totally reminded me of Celie and Mister’s scene in The Color Purple, when Mister’s dad came by and they wanted so badly to to refuse his visit. LoL  📌George H.W. Bush to leave ICU; Barbara Bush discharged from hospital
  21. Cops: Man bites ear off another man during argument about Trump
  22. Bill makes it a crime to advertise marijuana sales without a license
  23. Few cancellations Monday after IT woes grounded United flights Sunday