The ongoing trend on our Facebook friend’s feed is lasting longer than her career and running a close second to the list of many a spoons taken from Miss Dash’s mouth throughout her career. 


“Gag Me with a Spoon Coon” is surely what #BlackTwitter is yelling right now as Stacey was canned by Fox.


  • days away from Black History Month
  • right after Trump’s inauguration
  • and as a gift for her birthday (that same January 20th day)

Black History Month hater Stacey Dash blew out candles reminiscent of Fox TV putting her lights out.

Having insulted others like actor and activist Jesse Williams (once referring to him as a “plantation slave”),

…we’re sure this news is also icing to newly former president Barack Obama’s vacay as, Stacey’s thinly veiled attempts to cut him as well, gave her life on Fox.

Stacey Dash Barack Obama

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