[Spiel] 📌 San Juan Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Slammed By Teflon Don Trump on a Saturday


Where’s that other mouthy Gemini named Kanye when we need him?

As popular culture history had it, Kanye is most notable for calling out (ironically) another Gemini named Trump (both and all) known for what Gemini’s (by nature) are known for [doing] when vice over virtue or dark over light is in effect: lovers of gossip, transmission, spewing communication (or miscommunication), and disrupting the flow of frequency of communication with confusion. It’s a Gemini thing. Never EVER believe anything those “short trip” minded thinking and doing mutherfuckers TELL you for anything of grave importance FOR your life. Don’t’choo DO it I say! LoL.

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It’s uncanny-almost like a test of your character and what you would, or wouldn’t do when someone isn’t (or is) watching.

Like a hurricane, in the short, 9 months of the Trump presidency (at an alarming rate), countless moral and ethical issues keep arising-that seem to come straight for testing the moral fiber of the Teflon Don.

The latest (and most alarming): His wanton disregard for displaced and desperate people damned by deplorable conditions beyond their control simply wanting help.

But according to Donnie, his latest test and tantrum is at Puerto Rico’s Mayor who’s now grouped into being just another “nasty woman” sent by the democrats to publicly shame him with her nastiness. This—as if she is supposed smile and be happy while the people of the American territory are dying and suffering from a̶ ̶n̶a̶t̶u̶r̶a̶l̶  an unnatural disaster that ultimately broke through their walls and infrastructure that Trump claims was already faulty-pretty much stating is no fault of the America’s who need not come running to Puerto Rico’s aid at their beckoning and inability to call.



While Donnie is playing golf and merely counting the dollars and cents, all of social media and Puerto Rico’s mayor and its people are trying to make sense of this catastrophe while trying to survive with barely enough water (to drink) getting to them.

While Donnie retweets and claims the media powers that be are generating and communication “Fake News” to spite him, the Mayor of Puerto Rico and the social media that be claim another.

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