So Apparently, As Per The Alfred Olango Shooting, My Decision To Not Call For ‘Help’ Saved Myself and My Son’s Life?

As a mom of a special son with an epileptic condition, this story of about Alfred Olango pains me deeply-and at this point: I take it personal.

As a young teen mother whose child basically grew up with me, thankfully I had a mother who was very instrumental in helping me raise my child as, the two of us (basically) grew up together while my mother was the overseer of both of us.









Just like this black and white photo, annegeddes_cardmy boy was a tiny little preemie. He was born at 5 months at 1lb 13oz and an eventual seizure disorder adjoining him like a twin. His seizures however, took place while in the incubator. As he grew into his toddler years, he grew out of his seizures.

mybear1A few years later however, something I have never seen before, happened: The grand-mal seizures that I had only witnessed him having while  incubated came back to revisit him at 50 lbs and several years later.

The problem was, this first time back around, I was there to witness it.

It happened one unexpected day on his bus ride home from his daily commute from summer camp.00000002

I had been notified that as they were approaching, something “weird” was happening to him on the bus that-to a bus driver with a mere commercial drivers license toting kids back and forth to summer camp-looked like an “exorcism.” I later witnessed myself, it looked just like this:

The moment they pulled up, I ran down the stairs to meet my child.

He was conscious but  extremely weak and sleepy.

Fast forward and a hospital visit later I learned something new.

I learned that “exorcism”-like episode he had (that I still had yet to witness), was diagnosed as that same epileptic condition merely having come back to roost.

My precious, now pre-tween boy had what doctors called  <-(tap to continue)