DEBATES 2016: 📌What Notable Names Sat In The Audience? 📌Which Is Worse – A Kneel To A Flag Or A Prospective U.S President Claiming “Smart” For Never Paying Federal Taxes? 📌Howard Dean Says Trump’s A Coke Sniffer 📌Who ‘Won’ (Why and How) 📌Lester Holt Halted? 📌and more!


  1. Transcript: The first Trump-Clinton presidential debate transcript, annotated
  2. Quips: Best Lines of the First Presidential Debate
  3. Cliffnotes: Takeaways from the first presidential debate
  4. Metrics: Trump and Clinton debate, by the numbers
  5. Trump: ‘I’m smart’ for not paying taxes 
  6. Trump says he’s ‘smart’ for avoiding paying federal income taxes

…Sooooooo which is worse:

  • a Football player neglecting to kneel to an American flag


  • an American New York businessman running for President of the United States with no respect for the country such that he is anti-taxes

All Kaepernick haters x Trump supporters…may we hear from you? Are you gonna boycott Donald Trump and harass him across Twitter? Where’s your (tax-paying) outrage for the disrespect of the financial ebb and flow necessities of the country? A kneel to a flag (that you aren’t forced to pay taxes for) holds more value than jipping and fleecing the country out of the millions he otherwise should have paid during the life span of his being an American businessman?

Let hear from yous. If Trump supporters who had a problem with Colin Kaepernick not kneeling to a flag aren’t outraged (and demanding) to see that Trump has the same ‘respect for the country’,  then admit your anger at Kaepernick is not about patriotic principle but rather, something you saw as race rebellion . 

7. Clinton hits nail on head on Trump’s refusal to return his tax returnsUnderstatement. Like she suspects, he either doesn’t want to show his tax returns because he’s either not as rich as he’s lead us to believe, not as charitable as he’d like for us to believe or he’ll prove just what he brags: He doesn’t pay federal taxes.

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15. Trump yells and sniffs his way through the first 2016 presidential debate

16. Is Donald Trump sick? Either way, #TrumpSniffles is now a thing

17. Trump sniffles catch attention on social media

18. Howard Dean calls Trump a ‘coke user’ on Twitter LoL. Saw this coming.

19.Donald Trump denied during the debate that he has dismissed climate change. His Twitter account proves otherwise FACT CHECK: la-na-trump-clinton-debate-updates-yes-donald-trump-said-climate-change-1474940161

20. FACT CHECK: True friends don’t let friends debate the un-debatable Giuliani: I’d skip next debates if I were Trump LoL.

21. Twitter Reacts to Hillary Clinton’s Red Pantsuit at the First 2016 Presidential Debate LoL: tweet-about-hillary-pantsuit

22. Trump hits Clinton on ‘stamina,’ Clinton blasts Trump as a sexist 

23. FACT CHECK: But isn’t Tax Returns vs. 33k missing emails like comparing apples to oranges? Like ANY email, if the emails are reported deleted, they are not retrievable. IRS tax return STAY ready on old microfilm-ready to print. Just grab’em. Donald Trump makes tax return ultimatum

24. Trump: I held back on Bill Clinton’s ‘indiscretions’ because of Chelsea FACT CHECK: Former President Bill Clinton and his “indiscretions” during his governing and presidential rule have nothing to do with his wife’s current run for president. Petty. You did us proud on that, don’t waste out time.

25. CLOWNERY: Green Party nominee escorted off debate premises

26. Green Party candidate Jill Stein escorted off debate premises, resorts to Twitter

27. Sanders planning a ‘very, very vigorous’ Clinton stump schedule 

28. Trump: My mic was ‘defective’

29. Big names in attendance at tonight’s debate

30. Q: Presidential debate: How’d Lester Holt do? 

31.A: Lester Holt is basically invisible at the presidential debate































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