📌How To Alkalize Your Body & Improve Your Metabolism 📌The Health Benefits of Masturbation 📌KFC & Burger King Called Out For Slacking On Antibiotic Free Meat 📌Chromium 6 Found In Drinking Water 📌Early Warning Signs of Cancer 📌Side Effects of Papaya? 📌Do You Have A Drinking Problem? 📌and more!


  1. How To Alkalize Your Body
  2. How To Improve Your Metabolism
  3. Mike Evans explains how Apple might disrupt the medical industry
  4. Ab workout: 3 exercises that will challenge your core
  5. World Alzheimer’s Day: Ten signs and symptoms of the memory-robbing disorder
  6. Fibromyalgia to be recognised as long-term condition
  7. Brain’s hippocampus helps fill in the blanks of language
  8. Gene therapy may be viable approach for treating CF lung problems
  9. Early Warning Signs of Cancer: Appetite Loss, Fever, Lumps, and More
  10. BPA and Phthalates Linked to Low Vitamin D Levels
  11. I Wanted to Be a Ballerina—Until I Realized I Could Die of Sudden Cardiac Arrest’
  12. Smoking Permanently Damages Your DNA, Study Finds
  13. 5 Weird Facts About Being Left Handed
  14. Amen. 5 Health Benefits of MasturbationHigh angle view of legs of woman soaking in bathtub
  15. Woman loses 75 pounds with help of Instagram food diary
  16. Obamacare Doesn’t Cost More Than Other Health Insurance
  17. Obamacare Imploding, Clinton Pushes For Gov’t Take Over
  18. The UN is finally treating antibiotic-resistant superbugs like a catastrophic threat
  19. Global pledge to stamp out drug-resistant infections
  20. How to live to 100
  21. Activity Trackers May Undermine Weight Loss Efforts
  22. This Woman Lost 155 Pounds After Doctors Told Her She Shouldn’t Even Be Alive
  23. China introduces Yoga in 100 varsities to help fight stress and depression among students
  24. Do YOU have a drink problem? The tell-tale signs you need to cut back on booze
  25. 4 Unconventional Ways To Get Amazing Abs
  26. Drinking beer makes people happier, more sociable, maybe even sexier, new study suggests
  27. First drug approved to treat rare form of muscular dystrophy
  28. I question the ethics of any doctor who sells supplements to patients
  29. Chill out, ladies. Stress can erase the benefits of your healthful diet
  30. Girl who was being crushed to death by curve in her back saved by TITANIUM spine
  31. Racial divide emerges in rare child suicide rates150519110617-sad-child-stock-large-169
  32. How To Get More Doctors To Treat People With Opioid Addiction 
  33. I Got Tuberculosis and Spent 20 Days in Isolation
  34. Alcohol, tobacco and time spent outdoors linked to brain connections
  35. Study Finds 90% of Dust Samples from Homes Packed with Toxins
  36. Examining mitochondrial DNA may help identify unknown ancestry that influences breast cancer risk
  37. Stem Cells Can Create 3-D Models Of Scarred Lungs, Aiding Treatment Development
  38. What Has Congress Done to Find the Cause of Autism?


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