1. Mirror co.uk: Smartly dressed woman does massive poo in lift 

[youtube https://youtu.be/o78OwMtpEQs&w=310&h=157]

  1. Bored Panda: Famous Ballet Dancers Practicing On The Streets Of New York


  1. Little Things: 14-Year-Old Girl Combines Ballet And Hip-Hop Into One Unforgettable Routine


  1. Brightside: Why the cabin crew keep their arms behind their backs when greeting passengers


  1. Business Insider: Samsung Galaxy Note features you won’t find on iPhone


  1. Mirror .co.uk: Nursery worker who drew moustache on sleeping baby found guilty of assaulting three toddlers

nursery worker draws moustache on babys

  1. LittleThings: (Not so ‘little’) – Rude Husband Yells At Wife For Delivering Their Baby Inside His Brand New Truck


  1. downloadForbes: (Something I swear by and could write the book on) – 7 Incredible Things That Happen Once You Learn To Enjoy Being Alone



  1. Little Things: Mom Weeps As 9-Month-Old Baby Girl Is Separated From Her Twin For The First Time
  1. US Weekly/USMagazine: Taylor Swift Donating $1 Million to Louisiana Flood Victims
  2. Billboard: Taylor Swift Donating $1 Million to Louisiana for Flood Relief


  1. Little Things: Pink Stops Her Concert To Scold A Group Of Women For Making A Little Girl Cry


  1. WorldStarHipHop: Drake Brings Out Eminem In Detroit During His Performance And Says He’s “The Greatest Rapper To Ever Get On The Microphone!”
  2. Complex: Drake Brings Out Eminem in Detroit, Calls Him “Greatest Rapper to Ever Get on the Microphone”
  3. Billboard: Drake Introduces ‘The Greatest Rapper’ Eminem on Stage in Detroit

[youtube https://youtu.be/hjyzjtr5nj4&w=310&h=157]

  1. Inquirer: Duterte blasts female senator: She’s ‘immoral’, an ‘adulterer’


  1. Inquirer: Emotional De Lima calls Duterte tirades ‘character assassination


  1. National Review: Male Physical Decline: Masculinity Is Threatened


  1. TV Guide: Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Will Focus on the “Originals”


  1. Newsroom . UCLA.edu: UCLA ranked second best U.S. public university, 12th overall in the world


  1. WorldStarHipHop: Angry Baboon Throws Poop In Little Girl’s Face!

[youtube https://youtu.be/XVIO7ddNg6U&w=310&h=157]

  1. HillaryClinton .com: If you were born between 1980 and 2002, here’s how Hillary Clinton’s plans will help you


  1. Science Alert: (Uh Oh. Google’s got a mascot from under the sea) – A googly eyed squid – Biologists just spotted the cutest ‘stubby squid’ ever in the deep sea


  1. Pinoy Trending Alter Vista: 16,10 and 9 year old Minors in Tanauan City arrested for using illegal drugs


  1. Daily Mail: Ellen DeGeneres accused of being a racist after posting Usain Bolt meme


  1. I-D Vice: 66 long-lost Polaroids of Madonna in ’83 show a mega star on the verge


27. Bleacher Report: LeBron James Sends 5,000 Kids and Their Families to Ohio Amusement Park