1. Montel Williams declares “I’m with Hillary Clinton.”
  2. No, that’s not Kendall Jenner: Cancer can’t ruffle this teens feathers-does photo shoot to prove it.
  3. Michael Phelps said he’d ‘love, love, love’ for Boomer to have a little sister. 
  4. Bronze ‘meant so much more’ than gold medals to Kerri Walsh Jennings. 
  5. Chrissy Teigen shows off her stretchmarks.
  6. Hunting photos cause 12-year-old girl to face online backlash. (search refL girl kills giraffe/Piers Morgan)
  7. Target off the radar. Retailer responds to pressure to make restrooms to Trans user friendly.
  8. 160817_gma_macedo2_0730_16x9_992Brazil and Germany’s final rematch of 7-1 World Cup faceoff. 
  9. People of Walmart: By just walking to Walmart, this Arizona man loses hundreds of pounds.
  10. Grey Ombré Hair is the newest trend. Freakin beautiful or nah? 
  11. Fox News reportedly expose “massive” fraud at Clinton Foundation. 
  12. Making Olympic History made when all 3 women swept 100m hurdle.
  13. Joe Biden gets welcomed to Serbia with a rally for Trump.
  14. Denied altitude: U.S Olympic swimmers removed from flight in Rio regarding their reported ‘robbery’
  15. Obi-Wan Kenobi movie Trailer made by fan makes its debut. 
  16. The cast Survivor Season 33 is Millennials Vs. Gen-X.
  17. Brianna Rollins continues Team USA winning sweeps by winning gold medal in women’s 100m hurdles. 
  18. Take a look inside Carlos Santana’s new Jazz-rock supergroup.teen cancer
  19. In her obituary, a grieving father of a mentally ill daughter who committed suicide said she “loved life.”
  20. Evanescence’s Amy Lee on kids album titled ‘Dream Too Much.’
  21. Despite Austrailia being voted most ‘livable,’ Manus Island children in detention there was voted ‘unacceptable’, says WA Premier Colin Barnett
  22. The reason why Blacks loathe Trump.
  23. Pro-Trump pastor says black voters think Trump’s racist because they’re too dumb to get ‘satire.’
  24. On your knees: Apprentice Star Omarosa asserts every Trump critic will have to “Bow down” to “President Trump.”
  25. Cokie Roberts says every Trump supporter is morally tainted. 
  26. ‘Burn every single ni**er!’: Sentiments shared by Trump supporters when they think no one is listening.
  27. German canoe coach Stefan Henze (who died in Rio) saves four lives through organ transplants.160428183940-fentanyl-opioids-drugs-overdose-sanjay-gupta-mobile-orig-mss-00000000-large-tease
  28. Air Force officer under investigation for having bible on his desk. 
  29. Syria’s White Helmets get nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
  30. 18 inventions that will change our lives.
  31. Like Trump: One of Donald Trump’s top advisers looses it on CNN—hilarious video.
  32. After losing everything, it’ll be a while before Louisiana flood victims will be back to normal.
  33. John Stamos sharing a heartwarming tribute following his dog’s death.
  34. Beyonce’s on a boat…diving…no ‘surfboard.’
  35. Blue Cut Fire: Dog’s death cut short after fire battalion chief rescues him from burning building. 
  36. Onstage respect delivered: Drake bows down in the D with Eminem onstage with him.
  37. Adulting: 21 things you’ll understand if you’re sort-of an adult.
  38. Ryan Lochte leaves Rio just as police announce he’s under investigation over his alleged gunpoint robbery claim.man loses pounds by walking to walmart
  39. Mexico president says he would be willing to meet with Trump.
  40. After losing billions of dollars, Target flushes refusal to make restroom Trans friendly down the commode. 
  41. Is Ballet Legend Mikhail Baryshnikov on point about Donald Trump’s Authoritarianism?
  42. German Ace stumbled across a crippled a B-17, escorted it back to England and they are chums now!
  43. Jan Brewer refers to Clinton as a ‘Lying Killer’-says Arizona won’t go blue.
  44. Clinton Foundation hires cyber firm after suspicion of being hacked.
  45. This is why vocational training needs to be brought back. 
  46. Pottermore eBooks’ focus to be on Hogwarts professors and the school itself.
  47. 18 feminist moments of the Olympics that deserve, because.
  48. Man rescues a drowning dog, and the dog thanks him in the most humanly precious way.
  49. No snob or spendthrift: Wife of Singapore’s Prime Minister carries a $15 purse for good reason. 
  50. Donald Trump’s appointing of a media firebrand to run his campaign. 
  51. American runner waits at the finish lien to congratulate opponent who finished in last place.
  52. August 18ths full moon and upcoming lunar eclipse said to bring about CHANGE. August moon 2016
  53. Reportedly, West Virginia had 27 heroin OD’s in just 4 hours. 
  54. US held $400 million dollar payment to Iran until the detainees were released-not in exchange for them.  
  55. Rest up Rodham. No more public events for Hillary-until Sunday.
  56. Lauren Graham’s OTHER perfect show might get a reboot, too.
  57. John Weld ‘Peck’: Transgender bathroom access is extending to all Federal Buildings, too.
  58. WTFever: Reportedly, Dr. Drew Pinksy “gravely concerned” about Hillary Clinton’s health.
  59. Sherry Pollex says she feels ‘blessed’ to be a two-year cancer survivor.
  60. Monica Puig is the post child for why we love the underdog.
  61. Mildred Bowers is a 102-year-old woman credits beer for her long life.mildred-bowers 102 years old loves beer