WTF? Trump to Have Department of Homeland Security Compile ‘Database’ of Bloggers, Journalists and Media Influencers–to Monitor ‘Sentiment’?


For reasons I won’t mention, (hence-why I quit paused on my commentary thread here re: anything involving politics or of interest to the subject of this blog message).

There are two of the four categories at that I’ve has been haggling over dropping. Two of those four just made the decision EASY: Politics + Trump News.

Hello site visitors!

In advance, allow me to reiterate that we are humbly so thankful for the constant, consistently growing traffic and engagement time here at


–which is now even higher in engagement time that millions visit the site.

Even Google (who pretty much owns search engine-hood and since inception and domination is recognizing ‘reckonizing’’s force in this news and information game business–because it aint a game.

For the record. I’m going to tell you. I alREADY have MAJOR press and pressing issues with the press-controlling powers that be called: Google.

I appreciate my visitors and readers. Since you are not paying for a service or for my living, I usually don’t (or feel) feel like I ever have to explain myself about anything I do (or don’t do) with anything under the OSFMag brand. But (considering the fact that I will be omitting a couple of major categories that you’ve come to know and be informed by) I will explain myself, this time:

I didn’t set out to blog how we blog here (providing you ready-made news and information that you don’t have to Google or search for), we we do here just “happened” (which I’ll explain in our backstory that I sooo badly need to record for yous.

But here’s the condensed, business behind the backstory story. And it aint ‘cute’ ‘inspiring’ or ‘marketable.’ It’s Rogue.

You’ll have to hang out and wait for the sunshine atop of all this rain (when I post the audio of the business behind the backstory).

But In a nutshell, until I record and post it (today), here’s the rain (and why this DHS/ Trump issue is one that can get dropped with glee and with the QUICKNESS).

You see, (to block possible online information competition) Google has frowned upon and for years, has had the word out that sites that operate as news sites ‘listing’ articles and posts content with less than 300 words (and other factors-which I’ll explain in the audio) can expect to be penalized/ranked unfavorably. If you EVER want to TRUTH behind Twitter, Facebook and IG hype about any blog or site on the worldwide wide, the leader in website metrics ( tells that truth.


I’ve worked myself from being way out to 16 million down to 119k even just though Feb/March 2018. Google now has me shot back up to close to 300k. In about a month, they’ll surely have me back out to the millions. Because they control the rules that works algorithms from. Brokers, buyers, brands and business that buy sites don’t know this. Now they do. They don’t know that the ‘people’s’ approval is in how engaged they are with your site’s content (engagement time). The top number just makes your site ‘Google-able’ simply because you played by their SEO rules–AFTER WHICH, they chose what shows up what you search for in Google by their own algorithm.


The “how popular is ( site/Global Rank)?” =is an algorithm controlled by Google as per how directly out of possible competition to them you are (i.e traditional blog sites / news site that blog full length blog posts versus listing links …like we do here at OSFMag.

In order for your site to be reviewed and considered by brokers (to acquire your site, they look at that top US Global rank# a little bit (you-reading this) looks at a person’s Twitter, IG, Facebook hype: “Wow…you must be poppin’ and popular.”

But the truth is, when you look at the BOTTOM number “how engaged are visitor’s to (Said .com site)? …that is the TRUTH about how all your (social media hype-men) really are (or not) caring about your content in the digisphere. That’s what broker’s don’t know or understand any more you don’t know that Twitters, FB and IG hype and follower count is no indicator that doing business with or acquiring a site based on hype will (or can) do anything for you (a broker, brand or prospective business). People online live and dream through all that occurs from hype therefore, it is more marketable than what’s real. The digisphere powers that be and control it all control it all just like YOU are controlled by the illusions of social media. Rule: Boomerang reciprocity of shine. Not necessarily what I say I like and subscribe to is something I to be made accountable for. Online ‘counting’ versus being held accountable is what’s up and in.

At any rate.

The goal (to reach broker’s desks and be considered for acquiring) is to have that top US/Global rank number under 100k. (For the record, even as of 2018) I’ve gotten down to 119k and Google shoots me right back up by trying to push me out-DAILY). I worked my way from being an obscure and nothing site out at 16 million point to being in the top 100,000+ sites in the world. And considering the fact that I have a site engagement time well over your favorite blogger or website, I could easily be in the top 500 websites in the world (if Google wasn’t fighting to keep my site from press and across broker’s desks). These past 30 days, I’ve gone from the lower 100,000’s to being shot back up to the 300,000’s on this 4/8/18 date). They (obviously) even found a way to pause my (glorified) site engagement time because they (obviously) worked their Googlebot to communicating to Alexa such that that button (for a whole month March to April 2018) was-stuck at 107 minutes. That’s NEVER happened. They JUST released another minute over the past few days (to 108 minutes). ToriSpilling,com is under heavy microscope and Google scrutiny. Don’t get it twisted. Google wants to make SURE this site can’t broker a deal because they aren’t in control of who will buy the site (again because broker’s don’t understand that the top number is the hype and the site played by Google’s rules-therefore, can be deemed “searchable.”

The number at the bottom/engagement time is the real deal. Google’s gripe with a popular site like mine is they have no control over who will buy the site. Will it be a clothing retailer who won’t be in their way? Or will it be Time Inc, Time Warner, Yahoo, MSN or somebody who can REALLY compete with them well over little ole me listing links-little ole me who can (too) hand over all my news and info sources and provide them all the tools to take this site and do it right 24/7/365-fully staffed. Google’s mission is to make sure that doesn’t happen. So the “percentage of visits to this site come from a search engine” is Google’s report to brokers “better hope this site is poppin ‘ online, because they can’t be found by Google.” It’s a ‘dry snitch’ –controlled by them (too). But there’s more to that-read on.

See, if your demographics of your site visitors is what they (brokers, brands and prospective businesses) are looking for, they will buy your hype report (“how popular is”). Brokers, brands and business broker, brand and do business. Their job is NOT to understand the behind the wall secrets of and Google power over it. So they buy at the face value that Google is in charge of valuing (or devaluing). But if Google favors your site for indexing/search results (as shown just above this paragraph “what percentage of this site comes from a search engine?”), that number will pop. The higher that percentage the better. ONE reason is because of Google favors your digital domain for playing plays by their “SEO” rules (search engine optimization). The better percentage means you aren’t at a competitive advantage of the Google machine (like,, is) because we, too, operate as a kind of search engine but by listing articles about what’s going in the world/current events. We do the searching for you so you don’t have to think of what to search (like at Google).

The MSN’s and Yahoo’s help you by putting graphics and headlines on the front page to link you to their own written content about what’s in the news.

ToriSpilling compiles everybody’s content, categorize these current events and lets you choose.

Everybody has their own thing yet, Google wants to control it all (WHILE playing the same game-which isn’t fair and a monopoly of sorts).

Although our sister site ( is real blog site with (its own written content) and not a link site (yet), they are on the  server and under OSFMag brand’s linked sites. Many of OtherSideoftheFame’s links to can be found on So because of that, (and any other site online linking to us or referencing us for press) will be punished by Google by that top portion that Google controls (“how popular is”–shown three graphics up).

Aside from that, Google ostracizes by penalizing sites that links to and give press to you if your site doesn’t follow Google’s rules.

So (my) “Total Sites Linking In” will always be low. Not just because of the fake ‘positive’mad, petty, trouble-making tribal-minded bloggers who by some dillusion have told themselves they are in some competition with me but are stratosphere’s away from being on my level in this blogging game and the business of it), but not even (the majors) who got love for ToriSpilling-because they know the Google rogue game of business. (I assure you these ‘vet’ trouble-making blog tribes, mobs and wanna-be’s don’t even know nothing ABOUT the ballistics I’m kickin’ here). As a late blogging game bloomer, when I started blogging, I spent the first two years (2014-2016) getting ‘famous’ and being flagrant–establishing my blog game uniqueness with my ‘write-up dopeness.’ In 2016, I started studying the business of blogging + the business of owning a digital domains. That’s why I have so many of them and I refuse to be bullied by Google. I have a right to provide online news my way, too.

But back to the subject (of the majors who understand the business).

Major sites (with developers working their site’s coding and such) knows how and why Google penalizes. And even if the majors WANTED to reference my site (by linking where they TOO get some of their information from), they know they can’t. So in that way-Google stands in the way of my getting press online. My being a tough competitor from the rooty-toots to the majors is why my success is whispered (rather than shared or retweeted aloud). My high engagement time comes from word of MOUTH not word or MOUSE.

Google might be Lord over many things, but Google aint “God.’ They can’t deny my engagement time on site. That’s the truth serum (that I’m still not confident that eventually, they will too, control).



So again, that “how popular is” to part works two ways: It means people searched Google for and (to your detriment or favor): Google made you searchable because you played by their rules (or to your detriment: you did not…) Therefore, that percentage will be weighed by those two factors COMBINED.

Now, how Google got control is 85% of search engine-hood and controls these buttons like such (even over the MSN’s, Yahoo’s, Bing’s and such who get the remaining 15% + favor by Google) is totally beyond me. But the fact of the matter is: The ONLY metrics leader ( feeds off Googlebots indexing and crawling of all sites on the world wide web.

Google doesn’t NOT want blogs or online sites being in control or possession of news and information and distributing it by listing it-just like Trump doesn’t like the media having Freedom of the Press. But Google canNOT make the rules + control the rules that they too, are playing in the same game in. Yet, they get away with it in ways that in the business of America, businesses cannot do. That’s why (in America) businesses have the RIGHT to sell the same products. If I have the pipeline of sources of info, I have the right to compete in the digisphere as long as I do not infringe on Google’s patented search engine (a blank page, the Google name, and a search bar).

So in short: Google controls whether you can get to the big money (or not). Because (they know) digital brokers (just like you-buying into people’s social media hype-having NO idea that nobody’s truly checking for their content), buy by that top number under: “How popular is” –which, again, is controlled by Google. (Like you-reading this-you are digitized in to the habit into buying into hype). You have NO idea that the ‘party’ (and truth) is in how engaged social media ‘hype-men’ and ‘supporters’ really  are aren’t with their content (which is found in that lower part under “How engaged are visitors to”).

It’s all like the difference between what’s more marketable: HYPE vs. TALENT/SKILL. Hype is. It’s easier to market and cheaper to do deals with and deal with (like the difference between reality shows and scripted show having to pay real actors and writes etc).

Over the “Can-Do’s,” there is a bigger market for the “Want-to-Be’s” and the “Want-to-Dos” because the “Can’s” (like the Want-To-Be’s” and “Can’ts”) the “Wont’s” are aware hype pays first. Even those that “Can” know that hype is more marketable than their talent or skill so they jump on that heavily populated side too.

Again ( I repeat): People online and around the world live and dream through all that occurs from hype. Therefore, it is more marketable than what’s real, skilled or talented. The digisphere powers that be and control it all,  just like YOU are controlled by the illusions of social media hype, mobs and follower counts where the all is boomerang reciprocity of shine. Not necessarily what I say I like and subscribe to being something I have be made accountable for. Online ‘counting’ versus being held accountable is what’s up and in. Never forget that. People out here surviving on reciprocal hype. It’s big business. It’s soul-snatching but it’s all the worth some of people right in your face have left for ‘value,’

So although on one end, I am being heavily penalized by Google (for running a ‘competitor site’), ToriSpilling is proven that it can pull rank and the kind of numbers (that ultimately matter). The OSFMag brand sites and ToriSpilling has managed to break through those forbidden Google barriers by breaking the rules and is working our way way to being at the top niche, news and information sites on the world wide web. We don’t take that lightly.

“[DHS will monitor] traditional news sources as well as social media, identify any and all media coverage related to the Department of Homeland Security or a particular event… Services shall provide media comparison tools, design and rebranding tools, communication tools, and the ability to identify top media influencers.”

But considering all that you just read, and [given this blog’s headline–which isn’t “fake news”], we apologize, but we are seriously considering not posting ANY politics news whatsoEVER + “Trump” news via the entertainment, or media categories or otherwise.

Even before this DHS news, those exhausting subject/categories (politics, Trump news and a couple of others that I will mention in the audio), have been on the table and haggled over as being up for discussion for omitting. Why? For continuity, flow and to make room for the plethora of OTHER non-chaotic, redundant subjects of the categories to flourish and get the undivided attention they deserve.

“A number of journalists were targeted for arrest while covering protests, including several who faced serious charges in connection with demonstrations against oil pipelines, though in most cases the charges were eventually dropped.”

As you may (or may not know) ToriSpilling’s 4 5 sources of news and information run us news 24/7/365. More news than I can handle. Truthfully, I only post about 5% of the news and info from all the categories of constant news we have access to. Because of (and not having the staff we would need to ’round the clock in order to posts all day, every day), everything we do post is all about strategy. But given this recent DHS news (that too, came through my source pipeline-news that we even get before the majors by the way), it is our pleasure to omit politics, and any and all Trump news. No, not because we are anti-Trump, because we are not. We report positive and negative Trump news for all to be informed on. But given my already insurmountable Goole headaches, at this point however, we are pretty much heavily decided on not posting ANY Trump-related news AT ALL.

“US press freedom, enshrined in the First Amendment to the 1787 constitution, has encountered several major obstacles over the past few years, most recently with the election of President Donald Trump.”

In closing, take the time to read that article carefully. Please do. It’s crazy. But it’s actually music to my ears and equally upsetting that (given our news info sources we have access to far beyond the mere “blogging” circuit) we know will be on this ‘list.’ ToriSpilling is a heavy-hitter ‘ media influencer’ online news/blog among the best of the best-reporting ‘journalism’ news “and more!” The only difference is, your (major) television and online journalists that report world news, Trump and politics happen to make millions-millions enough to put up with the headlines headache and chaos [of Trump news and politics]. We don’t-AT ALL. So it’s on its way off these walls (including being plucked from the ICYMI posts as well, by the way).


To meet this thing head on.

When or if the spin control press release, redaction or retraction makes its way throughout the media funnels as this (DHS monitoring) info being ‘fake news’ and untrue, (given the leader of this administration’s volatile relationship and obsession with the media, blogs and journalists) that, alone, being his Achilles heel is enough for us to take into consideration kicking said categories straight up off the site for future posts. Upon finality of this decision. That means ANY headlines or articles (in ANY category) throughout ANY OSFMag brand sites containing the words “President” “Trump” (or about politics) will go on auto-delete/will NOT be listed.

We posted in some news recently that (it was alleged) Trump paid $27,000 for all news on him to be pulled for his information. Hell, he could’ve checked those coins over at OSFMag and we would’ve gotten it poppin’ for him-daily. He’s a hot topic-we would have gladly pulled them. It would have at least bought two months of ’round the clock articles and headlines captures. We get plenty: good and bad. But like all categories-with stories out on all people, places and things-we aren’t staffed enough to post. And these reader’s coin’s arms are too short to box with that demand. I won’t even attempt to offer that kind of consistency and predictability for free. Blogging is hard, strategic and time-consuming.

All that said, the Department of Homeland Security’s comprehensive list of this blogging and news media database they are working on can pass (and any other blog under the OSFMag brand) right on by. That news is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much drama that I’m not making millions from [and is] soliciting the type of annoyance we can still survive without reporting. We (literally) have wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much information in our pipeline categories of interest to the world-globally-and can (and most probably will) gladly omit of all subject matter , categories, articles of interest to Trump and the Department of Homeland Security.



“Unfortunately, increasing government encroachment on the freedom of the press is the sinister backdrop to all of this.”


Feel free to continue to enjoy the news and information that the brand enjoys bringing to you, and more!




























































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