Two Reasons Taylor Swift Will Not Be Attending The 2016 VH1 MTV Video Awards: KANYE & KANYE

There’s a Taylor tale of two reasons why Taylor Swift will not be attending the VH1 MTV Video Music Awards this weekend:


  • Kanye West


  • Kanye West

Just a couple of days ago when ran the story on the ‘Taylor’ gang before the “you can or can’t sit with me” games were to begin [for who would be sitting with Taylor Swift], MTV announced that for this weekend’s VH1 Music Awards they would be handing the stage + four minutes over to Kanye to do with it as he pleased. Obviously that thwarted all plans for the pop promiscuous promiscu-iss’ anticipated attendance at this year’s music awards festivities.

Coming fresh from the mess just one month back where Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian leaked audio footage of Taylor sort of agreeing to something she later did realize she actually agreed to: The permission to be rapped about in Kanye’s song. Unfortunately the ‘permission’ turned out to be a permission slip (of sorts) that ended up being put out there as if she literally gave West permission to literally diss her on was.

Given that Taylor had gone on public record for denying having given