Former Record Exec and Music Impresario HERB ALPERT Blows in Largest Community College Donation In Southern California History

Whether you like jazz or not (and I don’t, but am oddly and thoroughly over taken by it live-or the exception: George Benson on wax), the sounds of Herb Alpert will possess you.

Regardless, if you like jazz or not, two jazz musicians you’ll love at first listen and know you’ve heard before by only hearing them once, is Kenny G and non other than the incomparable Herb Alpert.

The former A&M records executive is known throughout the music industry and best known for his unmistakable trumpet playing behind the possessive, timeless, and fluidly sensual song sang by pop contemporary artist Lisa Keith and backed up by Janet Jackson: Making Love in the Rain-a song that I never could shake. It’s that bad (22, 35)

I’ve always loved that song.

Fast forward.

Moving on.

The musical impresario is paying it forward and bringing a lot of unexpected sunshine in the lives of Los Angeles Community College music students in a big way worthy of sounding trumpets:

The Latin-Jazz/Pop trumpeteer, whose net worth is worth $850 million, is bringing sweet music to the future musicians of LACC.

Via he and his wife Lani Hill’s foundation (The Herb Alpert Foundation) the musical maestro made community college philanthropic history by