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Analysis: Rep. Trent Franks’ absolutely bizarre resignation letter

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Congress OKs 2 more weeks of funding

Justice Dept. investigating use of fetal tissue

Trump to undergo a physical at Walter Reed

Trump: ‘I’m the only one that matters’

New fires burning in California

7 images that show why these wildfires are so dangerous

Wildfire racing toward tourist area

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Steelers LB undergoes spinal surgery

Black lawmakers skip civil rights museum opening over Trump’s attendance

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Mom chooses mortgage or son’s insulin

Discount chain to open 900 new stores

Trial date set for AT&T, Time Warner case

Woman who watched eclipse has crescent-shaped eye damage

US ship that fired first WWII shots found

Transfer your debt to a card with 0% intro APR until 2019

This cargo ship is banned from every single port in the world

Mysterious ghost ships in Japan raise concern

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The President’s decision on Jerusalem is the latest instance of honoring bumper-sticker vows to supporters

Hamas calls for a new intifada

Protests erupt in West Bank, CNN reporter there amid tear gas

White House admits decision could derail peace process

Opinion: The campaign promise Trump chose to keep

Why the move is so controversial

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Did Trump slur his speech?

Franken to make statement as calls grow for his resignation

32 Senate Dems want him out

Franken accuser gets emotional

Trump continues to leave key State Dept. posts empty

Trump: ‘I’m the only one that matters’

House passes bill to loosen concealed weapon restrictions

Roy Moore’s spokeswoman spars over sexual abuse allegations, 9/11, homosexuals

Trump Jr. mum on what he and President discussed about Trump Tower meeting

Speier: Trump Jr. has a case of amnesia

Congress poised to dodge shutdown deadline, but another looms

Embattled Franken to make a statement

32 Senate Dems want him out

Franken accuser gets emotional

Fierce wildfires feast on Southern California

High winds ‘a recipe for explosive fire growth’

Aerials show fires

Can microwaves stop N. Korean missiles?

GE is cutting 12,000 jobs

FBI head Wray will testify after Trump trashed agency

State lawmaker calls colleague gay for touching him

FBI eyes brothers in possible attack on Border Patrol agents

Ryan Zinke: Why we shrunk the monuments

Hall of Fame QB faces sexual harassment suit

Five arrested after 1983 murder case re-opened

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‘I’m going to die … over a pair of sneakers’

Former ‘Voice’ contestant denies rape allegation

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What baby talk sounds like around the world

6-year-old writes scathing Santa letter

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Lindsey Vonn: I won’t be representing Trump

Haley: Open question if US athletes can attend Olympics

Putin says he won’t tell Russian athletes to boycott the Games

Russia ban adds to South Korea’s Winter Olympics woes

What to know about the 2018 Olympics

Five friends grabbed garden hoses and went to work

Photos of the devastation

5 friends grabbed garden hoses and went to work

Man rescues rabbit from the flames

Photos of the damage

Video shows fire raging near freeway

How a black market for fish bladders destroyed this town

Colbert: Trump can’t locate Jerusalem on map

Museum to exhibit the world’s most expensive painting

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A wedding cake won’t heal religious differences

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Huge mortgage rate drop. May be last chance to refi.

Ways to treat a failing aortic valve

3 cards charging 0% interest until 2019

Doug Jones seeks Obama-level black turnout in Alabama Senate race

Black voter turnout could help tight AL race

House passes bill loosening gun restrictions

John Conyers III involved in violent incident, may not want his dad’s seat

The race to fund the government is on

Protein powder: Pros and cons

Pollution cancels out benefits of exercise

Chelsea Handler evacuates home amid wildfire threat

The race to fund the government is on