📌Disabled Charlotte, N.C. Man, Keith Lamont Scott, 40, Fatally Shot By Police 📌Tulsa Cop Claims She Though Terence Crutcher Was On PCP 📌15 Year-Old Burned Body In Trash Steinmetz College Prep Student 📌No Charges For Cops In Korryn Gaines’ Shooting 📌’8 Mile’ Director Curtis Hanson Dies At 71 📌Popeye’s Rat’s Head Fried Chicken In Harlem Kitchen 📌Trump Says Black Communities In Worst Shape ‘Ever, Ever, Ever’ 📌Amal Clooney Calls On U.K. To Take More Refugees From Syria 📌and more!

https://twitter.com/Yaw_like_Cow/status/778437883195715584 Protesters stare down officers one holding a sign "it was a book" family claims the man police killed had a book, not a weapon @wsoctv pic.twitter.com/qnMfo63dNy — Joe Bruno (@JoeBrunoWSOC9) September 21, 2016 N.C. man fatally shot by police, daughter says he wasn’t armed  Protests erupt after man killed Tap in for more!


What’s streaming on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu NBA star visits Meek Mill in prison Should we still love the men who behave badly? The morning show ‘family’ after Matt Lauer Simmons steps down after assault allegation Hollywood hit hard by sexual allegations Vice fires 3 amid harassment investigation Tiger Woods Tap in for more!

ICYMI: 📌Americans Spend Over 5 Billion on ‘Black Friday’ 📌How Long Can You Eat Leftovers? 📌Flynn Stops Sharing Info w/Trump’s Lawyers 📌Auburn Defeats Undefeated Alabama 📌Analysis: Inside Trump’s Obsession with ‘Time’ 📌How These Young Founders Define Success 📌IRS Beefs Up Security For Trump’s Tax Returns 📌See Hulu’s December Lineup 📌Red Hair and Freckles-Like: 25 of the Shadiest Wendy’s Tweets Ever 📌New NBA Jersey’s Have Electronic Chips 📌and More!

With little else to rely on, refugees turn to Twitter to detail harsh treatment Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke is here to singlehandedly revive the DCEU You can still by the SNES Classic if you missed Black Friday Trump’s ‘Time’ tweet got better with every internet spoof 11 times brands were the Tap in for more!


Black Friday 2017 BEGINS! When does it start and which retailers have the best deals and offers? This real-time Black Friday tracker shows just how much we shop online Gift-worthy kitchen tech items for the Chopped enthusiasts in your life Black Friday deals on headphones: Bose, Philips, Beats, Sony, Samsung, Tap in for more!


RIP net neutrality: Here’s what comes next (and it ain’t pretty) ‘The Last Jedi’ box office will fall well below ‘The Force Awakens,’ and that’s OK Get 30% off literally everything at ASOS for an Insta-worthy Black Friday 5 reasons why you need these Star Wars robot vacuums Fans of Tap in for more!

[FREE NEWS PEEP] 📌HPV Short for: “Honey Please Vaccinate?” 📌1 in 9 American Men Have Oral HPV Says Study 📌Rollercoasters for Kidney Stones and Probiotics for Lupus? 📌Gwyneth Wins Another Award 📌NFL Boycott Yields Empty Seats 📌Elon Musk Fires 400 Employees—in One Week 📌Fla. Gov Declares State of Emergency—For Charlottesville Hate Rally Organizer’s Speech 📌Two Year-Old Loses Bid For Kidney—Due To Father’s Parole Violation 📌Actor Donates Entire Salary To Rape Charity Over Regrets For Working with Woody Allen After Defending Harvey Weinstein 📌Robber’s Mom Says Her Son Being Shot Was ‘Unfair’ 📌and More!

The Best Wedding Photos Of 2017 Will Absolutely Amaze You That is ONE hell of a wedding photo. Hilar! ENTERTAINMENT / CELEBS Please Don’t Act Shocked And Appalled By Harvey Weinstein If You Celebrated Hugh Hefner Macklemore leads crowd chanting ‘F–k Donald Trump’ at Arizona concert Joe Jonas Put A Tap in for more!

[Free News Peep] 📌Monday Mindset Shift: Try This… 📌 ̶S̶t̶ea̶k̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶S̶h̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶S̶t̶e̶a̶k̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶S̶n̶a̶k̶e̶ Copperhead Repeatedly Bites Woman at…Longhorn Steakhouse 📌14 Foods That Raise Blood Pressure 📌Samsung’s Foldable SmartPhone Unfolding Soon 📌Is Subsurfing the New Adrenaline Rush? 📌and More!

WELLNESS / SELF-CARE  / PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT / SEX & RELATIONSHIPS Miraculous Healing Using the Power of the Mind Is Possible – Here’s Why …THIS…was… The first two minutes will command your next two hours! Prepare. Thank me later.     Want to Calm Your Mind? Have Compassion for Others What Tap in for more!

[Free News Peep] 📌Need Healthcare? Private Insurer Steps Up To Advertise Obamacare Open Enrollment Beginning November One 📌Why Sleeping on a Plane During High Altitude Damages Your Hearing 📌ToriSpilling Spiel On Where Toys R’ Us Went Wrong 📌Conway & Trump Jr No Longer Get Secret Service Protection 📌O’Reilly Snaps on Matt Lauer During Interview 📌The Most Dangerous Sex Positions (According To Scientists)-and Me 📌and More!

A Dadbag That I Made For People Who Want A Dad Bod Without Eating Junk Food Dad Teaches Son’s Bullies A Lesson With Facebook Post Youngest Siblings Are The Funniest And They Know It, Study Finds …yeah. We are, actually. LoL This High School Allowed Seniors To Wear Costumes In Tap in for more!

[Free News Peep] 📌Proposal To Cap Former Presidential Perks in Effect 📌What Hand-in-Hand-Raised For Hurricane Relief 📌Why You’re Most Likely To Be Successful if Born in September 📌Everything You Need To Know About the New iPhone (And What it Costs Around The World) 📌Emmys: A-Z Guide For Entertainment’s Biggest Night 📌LGBTQ Groups Condemns iPhones New Face Recog Feature That (Intends) To Predict Sexuality 📌and More!

Texas woman uses her coupon clipping skills to help hurricane survivors Florida’s Farmers Look At Irma’s Damage: ‘Probably The Worst We’ve Seen’ News cameras caught nine looters during Hurricane Irma. The suspects were arrested within hours Congress Overwhelmingly Approves Resolution Condemning White Nationalists Homelessness rise ‘likely to have been driven Tap in for more!

[FREE NEWS PEEP] 📌Furniture Store Turned Shelter For Harvey Vics 📌3 Wrong Reasons To Start a Business 📌Osteen Opens AND Speaks 📌Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be The FrontFace of Your Brand or Business📌Fox News Pulled Off Air in U.K 📌Why Elon Musk is Scared to Vacay 📌Uber Finally Stops Tracking Customers 📌Meet a Man Caught in Katrina and Harvey📌and More!

Volkswagen Automaker recalling 281,000 vehicles due to defect Volkswagen Issues Recall Over Computer Glitch …and this “glitch” goes something like: driving 65mph on the highway and all of a sudden, your car stalls out of nowhere—with cars speeding behind and coming up on you. Stuff our subscribers knew weeks ago, Tap in for more!

[FREE NEWS PEEP] 📌Hurricane Harvey Vics Now Dealing with Presence of ̶T̶r̶u̶m̶p̶ Alligators and September 1 Insurance Claim Deadlines 📌Joel Osteen Criticized For Texas MegaChurch Doors Closed As Twitter Awaits Twit Pics To Prove It Was Flooded 📌$69 Round-Trip To Europe 📌 Your Job Sabatoging Your Health? 📌As North Korea Missiles Trump: “All Options Are On The Table”📌Mexico Helps Harvey Reiterates – No Wall Funding, Though 📌 and More!

Lawyers to Harvey victims: File insurance claims before law changes Sept. 1 or risk losing money Some People Left Their Dogs Tied Up To Die In The Flood And It Will Break Your Heart Saving Pets Is Paramount for Many Fleeing Tropical Storm Harve Texans refuse to leave pets behind Tap in for more!

📌Now, 5 GOP Senators Oppose Health Bill –Enough To Sink It 📌Bernie Sanders and Wife Under FBI Investigation 📌Pooch Hall Says BET Shaded Him After Leaving ‘The Game’ 📌and More!

PHOTOS: Meet Martha, World’s Ugliest Dog POLITICS 5 GOP senators currently oppose health bill — enough to sink it     Joe Biden Rips Into Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Ackman: “Shut the Hell Up” Bernie and Jane Sanders, under FBI investigation for bank fraud, hire lawyers Democratic disappointment: 4 more Tap in for more!

📌Man Dies After Eating Gas Station Nachos 📌Russian Ambassador Rats Out Trump’s Kushner 📌2 Year-Old & 16 Month Old Found Dead in Hot Car 📌Georgia Food Stamp Recipient Lose Benefits 📌and More!

ICYMI: Mark Zuckerberg gets honorary degree from Harvard …his Alma Mater almost mattered LoL HEALTH / FOOD How Ginger Fights Body Fat Avoid These Drinks To Help Prevent Brain Shrinkage, Dementia, And Strokes Drinking Two Coffees A Day Could Cut Risk Of Liver Cancer By A Third Alzheimer’s deaths are Tap in for more!

📌State Dept Demands 5 Years Social Media Handles & Unlocked Phones At Border 📌Solidarity: Every major TV Network Block Trump’s “Fake News” , Entertainment, Fashion, Sports 📌and More!

NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn’t happen this week ENTERTAINMENT Summer Movie Release Schedule 2017 Kanye West Mysteriously Deletes Instagram and Twitter Kanye West has deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts It’s Time for Non-Believers to Give Marvel Its Due ICYDK: Why MTV is adding TV to its movie Tap in for more!

📌Napercise? 📌Dropping The Science Behind Your Eating Habits 📌Why Moms Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Wanting To Work 📌How To Age Smarter and Slower 📌Amazon–Apparel?

Want to stop snoring? Revolutionary device keeps the airways open How to repel gnats naturally How keeping children too clean can wreck their immune systems Flora Shedden: how to bake a perfect loaf of bread What does it mean to be a chef in Los Angeles in 2017? Patients adopt Tap in for more!

📌White House On Lockdown This Morning 📌Former Atty Gnrl Sally Yates Warned Not To Testify 📌Delta Trolls United After Its Leggings Ban 📌O’Reilly Delivers Savage Disrespect To Dem. Maxine Waters 📌ICYM Ted Koppel Check Sean Hannity… 📌Trump Throws Clinton Under Bus: Wants Russia Investigation Pointed At Her 📌Trump Directing His Anger At The Wrong People? 📌and More!

Delta Throws Shade at United Over Leggings Ban 📌(backstory on this at our sister site) Flying Delta means comfort. (That means you can wear your leggings. 😉) — Delta (@Delta) March 27, 2017 White House on Lockdown: Man Approached Secret Service with Suspicious Package Could the Government Shut Down? President Trump Tap in for more!

📌12 Foods You Should Stop Buying (and 17 You Should) 📌Trump ‘Election’ To Be Made A Miniseries 📌LAPD Pays A Visit To Richard Simmons 📌Macy’s Spearheads The Reality Of Brick & Mortar Stores’ Struggle 📌DeSean Jackson’s A Buc 📌and More!

Top Dem pays tribute to rapper Biggie Smalls on House floor How does the world intersect with Genesis?: POLITICS Arnold Schwarzenegger Mulls Run for U.S. Senate, Insiders Say (Report) WikiLeaks, Donald Tusk, European Central Bank: Your Friday Briefing Media the enemy? Trump sure is an insatiable consumer Bill Clinton: Nationalism Tap in for more!

📌Lewandowski Says Obama Bugged Sessions 📌7 in 10 People Say America Losing Its Identity 📌Kellyanne Conway Likens ‘Alternative Facts’ To Oscars Flub 📌503 Rescued From Mediterranean Sea 📌5 Trump Aides Who’ve Made False Statements To Congress 📌Trumps Aides Aren’t Defending His Claims That Obama Wiretapped Him 📌and More!

Conway compares ‘alternative facts’ comment to Oscars flub (📌Oscars flub) POLITICS How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 4, 2017 Trump’s claim about Obama wiretapping him is indefensible. So Tap in for more!

📌Maxine Waters: “They Need This President To Get These Sanctions Lifted” Did Maxine Waters Lift Veil On Trump’s Careful Placement of His Administration For Oil & Gas Interests? 📌Michael Moore’s 10-Point Plan To Make Trump A Goner 📌Can Faith Heal Depression? 📌and More!

Michael Moore shares 10-point plan to make Donald Trump ‘toast again’     WORLD Woman admits $1M stolen from employer paid for luxury lifestyle Attempt made to snatch body of Kim Jong-nam at mortuary break-in – police What killed Kim Jong Nam, who did it and why still not known Tap in for more!


This 5,000-year-old beer recipe tastes pretty good, once you get past the mold Chocolate taster may be the world’s coolest gig Going out on Valentine’s Day can be awful. These plans actually sound like fun. Declare Your Love for Food Rescue This Valentine’s Day Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts Battle for Valentine’s Tap in for more!


What your butt shape says about you – you will be surprise! WORLD How Twitter reacted when Trump came out in support of LGBTQ rights The Boy Scouts step up on transgender rights Transgender Boy Who Sparked the Boy Scouts Rule Reversal Invited to Rejoin by New Jersey Council As Tap in for more!


If You Have Any Of These 10 VHS Tapes, You Can Retire Now… Walmart Just Gave Shoppers a Big Reason to Drop Amazon Walmart aims at Amazon with free two-day shipping offer Walmart vs. Amazon Prime: Breaking Down the Best Free Shipping Deals Now These Are the Best Carry-On Suitcases Tap in for more!

📌Ongoing Updates of the First 24-Hrs Of Trump’s Immigration (#MuslimBan)—In All Its Apathetic, Action and Impulsive Ingloriousness

Google creates $4 million crisis fund following Trump’s immigration ban Starbucks hiring 10,000 refugees in response to Trump’s travel ban Apple, Google, other tech firms protest Trump’s Immigration order Petition to ban Trump from meeting the Queen gathers 80k signatures in an hour Elon Musk’s Tesla Stock Up $2 Billion Tap in for more!

📌How Trump Made America Less Safe 📌US/UN Envoy Nikki Haley Remarking Those Who Don’t Have “Our” Backs 📌Trump’s Got Other (Racial, Misogynistic) Bills To Sign & Torturing To Concern Himself With – So Lets Defense Secretary ‘Override’ Him On ‘Torture Issue’📌Who Suffers The Most From Trump’s Hiring Freeze 📌and More!

How to sign up for Obamacare before the deadline Here Is The Obamacare Sign-Up Information Trump Doesn’t Want You To See How Trump Just Made America Less Safe Trump’s evidence-free attack on the vote could cause serious harm ICYMI: Trump fails to mention Jews in Holocaust remembrance statement ICYMI: Trump Tap in for more!

📌Celebrities Call For Strike Until Trump Resigns 📌Baylor: Proof Of “Show ‘Em A Good Time” Culture? 📌Filmmakers Heated Debate With Salma Hayek, Shirley MacClaine and…📌Malala Writes Trump: I Am Heartbroken 📌and More!

What’s on TV Saturday: Ruth Negga in ‘Loving,’ and the new ‘Ghostbusters’ Hollywood Reacts With Outrage and Disgust Over Trump’s Muslim Ban Celebrities Call For ‘Total Hollywood Strike’ Until Trump Resigns Bill Maher Hilariously Picks Apart Donald Trump’s Chaotic First Week In Power Academy Blasts Trump’s Travel Ban That Could Tap in for more!

📌While You Are Tweeting: A Total Abortion Ban Is Being Considered 📌Doctor Explains Why Costa Rica’s Health Care System Beats U.S 📌”Medium Rare” Chicken, Though -Why? 📌Jack Daniels Launched Coffee 📌 How Much Protein (And Exercise) Do You Really Need?

📌Donald Trump, Chicago Police: Your Friday Evening Briefing 📌Readers react: The future of Obamacare 📌Why this Texas doctor says Costa Rica’s health care system beats the US 📌A New Bill Introduced in Congress Would Constitute a Total Abortion Ban 📌Seth Meyers Grills Kellyanne Conway on “Concerning” Russia Reports About Trump Tap in for more!


Lindsay Lohan visits Syrian refugees in southeast Turkey read here ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Sara Ramirez Comes Out As Bisexual In Emotional Instagram Post  read here Viola Davis attends hometown health center’s groundbreaking   read here Saturday Night on Broadway!: A Hilarious History of SNL and The Great White Way  read here Tap in for more!

📌Mavericks’ Mark Cuban To Sit Front & Center of Monday’s Debates To Troll Trump 📌Why We May Never See Dashcam Footage of Charlotte Police Shooting Keith Lamont Scott 📌Ted Cruz Capes For Trump 📌Kevin Garnett Retires After 21 Years 📌Political Nostradamus Predicts Trump Will Win 📌Omarosa Still Insists All Will Still Bow Down To Trump 📌and more!

  A mom apparently overdoses next to her child — and why police want you to watch In exchange for that heroin lifesaving shot, it’s looking like the real exchange is a scarlet letter on the addict: The world getting a ‘don’t do drugs’ lesson multiplied by the chance to Tap in for more!

📌Corey Haim’s ‘A-List Rapist’ To Be Named 📌D.L. Hughley Expresses Outrage Regarding Terence Crutcher Silence v. Kaepernickneeling Outrage 📌Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Split-He Reportedly Had Affair w/ Marion Cotillard 📌Skittles Respond To Trump Jr. 📌Prince’s Legacy Messy 📌Jim Carey Sued Over Girlfriend’s Overdose 📌and more!

After another police shooting, silence from Kaepernick’s critics speaks volumes  Video of Terence Crutcher’s police shooting may be “the worst we’ve seen” yet Video Released in Terence Crutcher’s Killing by Tulsa Police  NBA’s Larry Sanders — Terence Crutcher Shooting … Makes Me Scared For My Kids  Minnesota Restaurant Posts ‘Muslims Tap in for more!

📌Video of Terence Crutcher Gunned Down By Tulsa Cop 📌NY/NJ Bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami’s Father Tipped Authorities in ’14 📌Trump Jr. Skittles x Refugee Comparison Sparks Outrage 📌8 Stabbed In St. Cloud Mall📌Coffee Over PreWorkout Supplements? 📌Sky Brown-Youngest Girl To Compete In Vans Open Series 📌and more!

WORLD NEWS ‘Disturbing’ Helicopter Footage Shows Tulsa Police Kill Unarmed Man (more on this from our sis) Video released in fatal police shooting of unarmed Oklahoma man Man fatally shot by Tulsa police was unarmed, chief says, as ‘disturbing’ video is released New York Explosion: Video Captures Bomb Blast Driver Saves Tap in for more!

📌Steph Curry Endorses Hillary 📌69 Year-Old Woman Punched At Trump Rally 📌Bill Maher Will Vote For a Dead Hillary Over a Living Trump 📌Colin Powell: The Cheney’s: ‘Idiots’, Hillary ‘Irritating,’ ‘Bill and His Bops’ Benghazi: ‘A Witch Hunt’ 📌Flint Black Pastor Makes Trump Pump His Brakes 📌Dr. Oz Says Trump Never Exercises 📌Hillary’s Fit To Be Pres 📌Pregnant Woman Loses Baby From Stomach Kick During Racist Attack 📌and more!

1. Steph Curry backs Clinton for president 2. Attention Georgia: Georgia is using an error-riddled database to reject thousands of voter registrations 3.  Trump held a baby at a rally and decided on a mom-friendly political agenda to seem presidential and’s gonna ride it ‘til the wheels fall off. LoL. Donald Tap in for more!


Colin Kaepernick ‘very happy’ to have players join national anthem protest Kaepernick discovered he too, can grow a Jackson 5 fro and dun’ lost his mind. I mean..he is going all the WAY. Go Kaep. ToriSpilling.com Kaep’s for you, boo.  “Very Right Wing” People Are Happiest With Their Sex Lives …that’s ‘cause Tap in for more!

📌Apple Beefs Up Security 📌DeLaSoul Releases Crowd Funded Album 📌Barbara Streisand Used Steve Jobs As An I.T. Desk 📌and More!

  1.     One battery to rule them all: new tech lets your mobile devices share battery power 2.     FBI-Controlled Megaupload Domain Now Features Soft Porn – TorrentFreak 3.     I have perfect vision, and yet I wear these computer glasses every day — here’s why 4.     De La Soul releases crowdfunded Tap in for more!

📌Science Figures Out How Cancer Is Spread Through The Bloodstream 📌Uber’s Big Loss 📌Government Hacker Discovers How To Break Into Every iPhone 📌Trump and Ann Coulter At Odds 📌Britney Goes To Lifetime 📌and more Tori’s Stories { August 26 Edition }

  1.     Scientists have finally figured out how cancer spreads through the bloodstream 2.     Teen Snaps Step-By-Step Photos Of Caterpillar’s Beautiful Transformation 3.     Government Hackers Caught Using Unprecedented iPhone Spy Tool                 more on this 4.     Israeli Cyber Weapon Dealers Figured Out How Tap in for more!

📌TLC On Tour 📌 Torrent Sites Will Get You 3 Yrs Jailed 📌 10 Year-Old Rapes 6 Year-Old 📌Falls Festival Lineup 📌 Obama Furiously Still Dealing With Malia📌12 Year-Old ISIS Suicide Bomber De-Belted 📌and More!

Goodbye Rio, Hello Tokyo: What to expect at the 2020 Olympics Aint Too Proud to Beg Leg: TLC announce NZ leg of tour Trump threatens to ‘tell the real story’ about Morning Joe ‘clowns’ Lonely at the bottom-Kirstie Alley stirs publicity: Rips Obama For golfing during Louisiana floods—as if she Tap in for more!

📌From McDonalds to Millionaire 📌Zendaya Lands Spider Man Role 📌FEMA nonresponsive to Louisiana Floods 📌 WWE Suspensions For Wellness Violations 📌‘Deez Nuts’ Will Get a Fight 📌and more Tori’s Stories { August 19 Edition } cont’d

Judge Permanently Blocks Parts Of Florida Law That Cut State Funding To Planned Parenthood Ajax hope Jasper Cillessen snubs Barcelona  Joe Biden’s Visit to Serbia Is Protested by Hundreds of People Shouting ‘Vote for Trump!’ Exposed! Naked Donald Trump Statues Pop Up in Cities Across U.S. Anarchist group installs nude Tap in for more!


62 miles of flooded I-12 closed from Baton Rouge to Covington   PHOTOS: Dramatic Rescues Underway As Louisiana Floodwaters Reach ‘Historic’ Levels   Bring back our girls, remember? Chibok girls: Boko Haram video purports to show captives   Children as young as seven ‘sexually assaulted’ in Greek refugee camps   Castro Tap in for more!

📌Michael Phelps Gives His Opponent the Finger 📌Maliah Obama Caught Smoking Pot 📌Trumps Assassination Joke + Other News in Politics, Entertainment, World News Sports and More!

NYPD arrests man who scaled Trump Tower with suction cups Volleyball in a hijab: Does this picture show a culture clash? – BBC News Hear Hendrix’s Stunning First Band of Gypsys Performance No hashtags prayers for Paki Where are the hashtags for the Pakistan hospital attack? Lack of response to Tap in for more!


Woman Damages A $300,000 Ferrari While Trying To Parallel Park Tesla car drives owner to hospital after he suffers pulmonary embolism (on Tesla: more from our sis) Cavaliers vs. Warriors Reportedly Scheduled for Christmas Day J.R Smith to get married on Monday (On J.R Smith: more from our sis) ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Tap in for more!