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“GOLDEN GIRL’s” BEA ARTHUR Breaks Ground On NYC New Homeless Shelter For Misplaced LGBT Youth

As far back as 2005 The Golden Girl’s Bea Arthur has authored re-written new chapters into the lives many in need.

Here of here of late, Arthur is looking quite like a true-to-life golden girl indeed.

Having always championed and supported the homeless and LGBT youth, Arthur remained in support of what she took notice of as a hugely growing problem and decided to do something about it. As a result of being thrown out by their parents not in support of their choice in lifestyle, many teens were misplaced and forced to live on the streets.

In 2005 Bea began offering shelter to the LGBT youth and dedicated herself to the Ali Forney Center.

Fast forward, the former 80s popular television show actress is certainly making life imitate art right now. Via, not only the theme song for her, then, hit show..


…she has become quite the