Too Hot To Trot For Your Tot? Fourth Grade Atlanta Teacher ‘Paris Monroe’ Dragged For Sexy Instagram Pics – Would YOU Be Taken Aback If This Was YOUR Fourth Grader’s Teacher?

While curves are a ‘thing,’ on the market (for sale), and on the Internet (for show), aside from the gawks from the many, the stares of the few, and screw-faces from the plethora of women-a-plenty; girls with curves have another ‘problem’ to contend with: All threads are not created equal.

Like I mentioned in another blog, fashion is communication-and when a girl with curves wears the same clothing items as a girl without curves; her curves communicate something all together different. A girl with curves is like that “middle” problem child for some reason. (I’m one such girl so I understand that which I am speaking of).

Girls with curves are like that ‘middle child’ in that they are not skinny enough to be inconspicuous, and not that ‘other’ politically correct girl with [the kind of curves] that before “body-shaming” became a thing-had another name for her curves: fat. The same was true for the ‘middle-child’ girl with curves (depending on who you asked). She was “fat” to people who found her body pornographically offensive or was simply ‘hating.” To the less offended, she was given the body type called: “thick” (over ‘fat’).

While that ‘other’ (politically correct) girl with curves, curves may carry a tune that goes “bang-bang-bang-bang-bang” (and how manparis-monroey ever other bangs to follow her curves), that ‘middle-child’ girl with curves has three chants and three chants only (that express her curves): bing-bang-pop!. Period.

Before social media and “thick” strippers came from under rocks of shame, stripping got glorified, Instagram gave ‘em pulse and a voice and these girls got renamed ‘dancers,’ lugging around a pair of ample breasts, and (or) bottom was something to be covered up-no matter how small your waist was.

But somewhere in between the late 90s JLo explosion and the late 2000 wide open walls of the Superhighway of Information, big butts became a widely accepted thing that even extended itself to back yard surgeons building them for women wanting them for selfies and social media.


The Information Superhighway somehow made the world take notice and that ‘middle child’ curvy girl power and the rest of the world got in formation and so began the trend.

The only ‘problem’ with that however is that, while before this Internet craze of celebrating the big-body girl became a thing, the curvy girl could (at one time in analog before digital time) co-exist or cover up and be met with the same response-either way. Nowadays however, if she elects not to cover up and instead, dress up-to the eyes of the world, she tends to look like ‘them’—those girls with newly bought assets from the Internet (regardless if hers in au naturale or not).

Just ask fourth grade teacher Patrice/Paris Monroe who just gave the city of Atlanta-(already given the name “Hotlanta”) its literal meaning.

The hot teacher hailing from Atlanta is giving all kinds of hell to some people this week as her Instagram pics went viral all across social media-causing a judgmental hailstorm.

Some felt that she was inappropriately dressed while others simply gawked or joked or was mature about it.

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